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Bite Into Lauren Hulbert’s Sweet New Single, “Honeydew”

From Thousand Oaks to Nashville, singer-songwriter and refreshing folk recording artist Lauren Hulbert treats listeners to a sweet new single titled "Honeydew."

The talented singer-songwriter has been writing music for over 17 years. She recorded her debut album, Beneath the Soil, in 2017 and her follow-up EP, Superbloom, in 2020. Both projects showcased Hulbert's stripped-down acoustic style, with a profound focus on the human condition.

In her latest single, "Honeydew," Lauren Hulbert touches hearts and minds with an easygoing, uplifting, and enchanting listening experience. Also releasing an accompanying music video, co-directed with videographer Wren Huxley, Lauren Hulbert has no problem captivating audiences—whether it's with her stunning vocal performance or engaging, meaningful visuals.

Stepping into the new single, "Honeydew," we're met with soft acoustic guitar leading into Lauren Hulbert's gentle vocals expressing her love for the new days, morning light, and her sweet honey...dew. Her tender melodies and lighthearted approach make this song incredibly easy to listen to, offering equal parts passion and straight-up happiness that's, albeit, refreshing in today's music scene.

The song's music video offers a laid-back view of what seems to be the honeymoon phase of a relationship. With its whimsical, fairy-tale-like setting near the lakeside with friends and a soulmate, there's an underlying sense of fulfillment that anyone can appreciate.

It's a passionate, playful, and uplifting listening experience that not only showcases Lauren Hulbert's talented vocals but also her ability to write great songs about the universal experience of love.

When life's been bitter, bite into the "Honeydew" that is Lauren Hulbert's latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Lauren! We love the passionate and playful vibe of your latest single, "Honeydew." What inspired you to write such a romantic song like this?

I wrote "Honeydew" in the early stages of a romantic relationship. It was the first time I'd been with someone who I could see or dream a future with, and at times, it felt like a dream itself. This song was written when I was in the blissful feelings of opening up to someone and falling in love. He was a writer, which I adored, and the outro lyrics are a repetition of "I love you when you write," which was me saying that I loved when he was engaging in his passion.

Would you say that "Honeydew" is a good representation of your sound and style as an artist? How does this song represent you?

"Honeydew" is a good representation of my indie-folk style, and although I have other songs with much heavier themes, they all have a common thread of authenticity, honesty, vulnerability, depth, and understanding, often with sweetness and simplicity. What I like most about this song, which I'd say is part of my songwriting style, is the folky finger-picking, interesting chord variations, simple yet clever lyrics, and beautiful ending. I especially love the production, with sparkly synth after I sing "I will bloom for you," which always has me visualizing a flower blooming. This song represents the sweet, light-hearted side of me that just wants to lay in the grass and look at the sky and dream and sing and have no worries, which is what I wish I could do most of the time, honestly!

What was your songwriting process like for "Honeydew?" Was it easy for you to convey such passionate and personal emotions?

I began with the opening riff first, then chords, melody next and lyrics last. I typically write songs by messing around on the guitar until I like what I hear and go from there. The opening riff is what was created first - so I guess you could say that is what gave the emotions I was feeling some direction. It was one of those songs that happens really easily, naturally and didn't take long to finish. The lyric "Honeydew" just came out - I didn't know what it meant and still don't, ha! But the song is sweet like honey and fresh like dew... I trust myself to come up with lyrics out of nowhere, rather than thinking about it first. So I guess that random lyric also helped shape the song's theme. The second verse was written last and took the longest... I had to wait for it to feel right... Finally, one day, I was outside watching a bee on a flower, and then it came to me.

What was your experience shooting the music video for "Honeydew?" What was that behind-the-scenes process like?

It was wild, to be honest. I co-directed this with Wren Huxley, who I know through friends. I was visiting Sebastopol, where I'd always pictured filming this video, and therefore had limited time but she was available to make it happen. I originally thought we would do a simple, half-day shoot, but once we got our ideas flowing together, it became a fantastical other-worldly story! It was stressful since the project became much bigger than we'd both expected, but we are both super proud of how much we did in such a short amount of time. It all came together and the supporting actors appeared sort of serendipitously, which, looking back, actually fits right into the theme of the film! It felt great to finally be making a music video for this song, and I felt lots of love and support from my friends, who donated their time and acting to make it possible.

More specifically, we first got together to brainstorm ideas for the story, locations, and costumes. We scouted a couple of places and had some friends recommend spots, too. We ended up with 3 locations - a flower farm, a local park, and her friend's land - over 3 days of shooting, and we had to postpone one shoot day due to a heat wave. We both rallied friends and I made some flower faces and shopped for props. It was just Wrenna and I organizing the entire thing and co-directing with a fluid shot list of scenes, which we intuitively altered or changed while we were shooting. It was A LOT to do in such a short amount of time since it was just the two of us taking responsibility for the whole thing, and we planned it so last minute. Pretty wild, looking back, but we pulled it off. It was fun, overwhelming, and stressful, and I was completely exhausted by the end. It was worth it.

What did you want listeners to take away from "Honeydew?" What emotions or sensations did you want to make them feel?

The message of the music video is that life can be silly and playful! Enjoy the journey! It's not just the destination. Let yourself into that wonderful child-like state of curiosity and adventure. View life through a fantastical lens, where you will hear nature speaking to you and things guiding you along your way. Drink the tea. Jump in the water. Fall in love. Do it all again.

I hope the song makes people feel joyful, warm, light-hearted, hopeful, safe, and excited for what's next. I hope it reminds them that love is magical.

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