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Black-Ken Says: It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

Dynamic hip-hop recording artist and native Harlem rapper Black-Ken seeks to claim a spot among the prolific list of Harlem artists who've made a name for his city, doing so with stellar tunes like his first single since 2021, "Frenzy."

The Millenial rapper produces and arranges his own work while infusing it with a unique and addictive trap sound, merging elements of the past and present. He's heavily influenced by 90s hip-hop and r&b, with a sharp trap edge that listeners have drooled over for the last decade.

In true Black-Ken fashion, he's leaving us on our toes with captivating and magnetizing songs like his latest single, "Frenzy." It drenches the speakers with suspenseful synths, hard-hitting 808s, and conceptual bars that make the listener think twice. Songs like these are putting Black-Ken on the map as another leading Harlem artist.

Hitting play on "Frenzy," this mysterious and slow-burn single kicks off with spooky keyboard melodies that drift into wavy synths and crisp drums. Black-Ken's cool, calm, and collected flow blesses the listeners with heaps of confidence and charisma, boasting so much ice that he feels like Gretzky.

From his conceptual bars to the alluring production, Black-Ken has us hooked. It's a mid-tempo groove with a pristine sonic atmosphere that floats listeners onto cloud nine with his serene production and tightly-knit bars that'll make you crack a smile from time to time. This track is another solid addition to Black-Ken's list of clever, conceptual, and engaging creations.

Do yourself a favor and dive into the icy stylings of Black-Ken and his latest single, "Frenzy," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Black-Ken. We love the wavy and dreamy vibes in your latest single, "Frenzy." Did anything or anyone inspire you to create this atmospheric and conceptual single?

Ke$ha inspired me. She went through a lotta sh*t, but she never let that get her down.

Were there key points or messages you wanted to share with listeners when they heard "Frenzy?" What did you want them to take away from the song?

Music generally… This song… It is just therapy for me. I know they got like online therapy and stuff now, but honestly, until recently, I could never even really afford that. It's just my therapy, and people happened to fw it. It's weird how people responded to it because, in your head, you always think that a moment like this will happen differently. The labels haven't recognized it yet, but Frenzy is PLATINUM in the streets. When they hear that beat come on at the party… Or the venue, people know some couches are about to get stepped on, some shit is about to get smashed, and a cathartic moment is about to happen, if you will.

What was your experience creating the mysterious and chilling production for "Frenzy?" Did you work on this process entirely solo?

I mean… Look at me, bro? I'm a mess. I don't have a lot of friends. If I had friends, I would work with them. So I guess the only person I trust is myself… and even that is an apprehensive relationship.

How does "Frenzy" stand out from your other tracks? What makes this song different?

"Frenzy" is one of the greatest songs of all time. It's one of those songs that, like, after I'm dead, people are still gonna bump this shit. You know I produced, composed, wrote, and engineered this song, right? You rarely have a song encapsulating every range of human emotions. Sadness, joy, rage, all of that. But I'm from Harlem. That's kind of just what we do. A lot of geniuses live here.

We noticed that you hadn't released a track since "Text Turned Green" in March 2021. What have you been up to from then until the release of "Frenzy?"

Haha, y'all do your research. That's funny. Well yeah, it's funny you ask. Around 2021 I was working a kind of dead-end job that I hated. I'm not the type to get depressed, but I was depressed. That's why if you listen to text turned green, it's a banger, but it's kind of a sad song, and it's part of my life. I was truly lost, and I didn't know where to go. I was smoking an ounce of weed every couple of days, no lie. So as I sat there, with a loaded pistol in my mouth, I thought to myself, "Black-Ken, you've got two options". Long story short, I enrolled at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in Chelsea. And boy, that sh*t changed my life. My girl encouraged me to do it, but that was ultimately one of the most important decisions I ever made. I worked with some of the top producers in the game, and nobody can tell me shit at this point. So I tell people now if I can do it… Anyone can do it (Well, not anyone, but many people, some of y'all are just straight-up lazy).


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