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BlackDove Gets You In The Rhythm With “Walk My Way”

BlackDove is an American hip-hop artist from Chicago, Illinois, of Nigerian descent. Although he's from Chicago, he currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and was formally known for being the "Night Child" in the rap/hip-hop camp. BlackDove has always been passionate about writing, music, and Fine arts. He wrote poems and had lead roles in many plays as a child. He began rapping for fun with friends at the age of 13. Who are some of his musical influences? They consist of Jay Z, Notorious BIG, Nas, and Mobb Deep, to name a few.

BlackDove released his latest hit titled "Walk My Way," his background was most definitely represented. "Walk My Way" was an excellent fusion of Reggaeton alongside traditional hip-hop. The rhythm of the beat has you dancing without notice! It's this uncontrollable force that takes over your body while listening to it that has you in full-force dance mode. "Walk My Way" grabs its listener and takes us on an unforgettable ride of rhythmic beats and melodic hooks. BlackDove doesn't shy away from being the typical hip-hop artist who gives their songs a little pop elemental energy. But, instead, BlackDove does it the right way! The transitional weaving between genres was effortlessly executed, showing a unique caliber of talent in BlackDove.

"Walk My Way" had a nice catchy lyrical arrangement that will stick to people's memories like super glue! Once the song finishes, you're instantly repeating the melody in your head. The tune is so addicting that you just can't get enough! "Walk My Way," in our eyes, is a total hit.

Welcome to BuzzMusic BlackDove. We noticed a small reggae flare in your artistry. Do you have any influences for this?

Yes a lot of the Influence comes from my Nigerian background, and growing up listening  to all the reggae that my Family played around the house.

How would you describe your single “Walk My Way” to us?

This gives a a Afrobeat vibe with an American twist which will help all audiences relate.

What were some interesting challenges you faced in the creation of “Walk My Way”?

It was definitely a challenge using my voice to harmonize because it was the first time for me doing that for the entire song when I’m usually used to rapping.

In your artist opinion, what makes this record a hit?

It’s relatable for one and two it's catchy with an international sound

What’s next for you BlackDove?

I am working on releasing an EP which I collabed with my business partner on entitled “The New Wave”. Look out for the new single entitled ‘You Ain’t Gotta go Home”  which is also now streaming on all major platforms.


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