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BlacKlout Released The Best Summer Hit “Shining Light”

BlacKlout is a 23 years old artist from Hawaii, originally from the SouthEast D.C, and raised in the DMV who is currently on active military duty. He’s embracing the Aloha lifestyle, remaining solid to his roots. He has an array of music, and although not everybody will like what he offers, he has a little bit of something for everybody to digest. His first song was “Thot Pose” which was a raunchy but funny, catchy song he performed at the Coast2coast Live Event in Hawaii this past February. He then released a few more singles in which includes “The Vibe” , and “Shining Light”.

“Shining Light” is ready to get the summer grooving. The record has this addicting, fun dance-hall beat, that gave off the vibrations of vacation and summer. It began with a beautifully relaxing introduction, with shimmering acoustics from the guitar, setting the tone of the song. The vocals were idiosyncratic and complexed, completely different from what you’ve heard before. BlacKlout delivers a solid rap with a consistent, nice flow. The flow was clean-slated, error-less, and had a nice style to it. I loved the Hawaiian aspect to “Shining Light”. It was nicely incorporated into the record by the paradise feel you received from listening. The glistening aesthetic created a more relaxed energetic vibration for the listener. Shining light was delightful, and prepossessing, alluring its listener in with the charismatic vibes. The hook was memorable. It’s one of those tunes where even if you stopped listening to the track, the hook becomes glued to your memory like super-glue. “Shining Light” is an enticing song we can for sure have on our playlists.

Listen to "Shining Light" here and get to know more about BlacKlout below!

Hey BlacKlout! How has the military been treating you so far? Any experiences you feel help shaped up who you are today?

That’s a great question. It’s been a great experience but I’m in a different headspace and ready to sacrifice just as much if not more delivering music for way more money than I make now. I got in at 17 and have experienced a lot of things so the maturity, passion, leadership experience and drive I had during this career transferred over to music.

Tell us about your record “Shining Light” ! what's the major theme surrounding it?

Shining Light is simply about love and respect, we lacking in that area overall and I’m sharing my thoughts on it through the song.

What inspired you to write “Shining Light”? What brought you into that place to channel in the emotion for the songwriting?

Oh shoot here we go, so I got female friends who are close and mad important to me. I used different encounters and feelings I have or have had to make the song. One of them specifically knows it’s about her and hopefully one day ya will too. It was easy to channel the emotion because I respect and care for her so much.

What is the legacy you hope to leave behind you?

Legacy, I want people to stop being influenced by negative and irrelevant activities. Do what you do but respect those around yoy and if somebody get outta line handle your business. Be a man or woman/ an adult at all times and move with a purpose. No matter what people say. I got Marines I didn’t like but still hit me up for advice or check up because of the impact I made. I could go on forever about this subject but once I’m on a platform where people can hear me as a whole, my music will reflect and I’m ready to go to war over mine.

What’s next for you BlacKlout?

Currently working on a project with my big bro DJ Idea here in Hawaii. IG: DJ_idea go buy his beats, check his work, he does it all and is an extremely talented and humble dude. We working on a fire album solely produced by him and from there I’m working on getting my music promoted and having my name ringing acros the islands. Everybody not gonna like everything but I got something for everybody. Check my discography.


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