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BlackLove Gets The Temperature Hot With His Hot New Hit “Switch”

BlackLove is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and author who gained his first recognition in 2011 for his ghostwriting, which led him to signing with parliament records. In the summer of 2014, BlackLove began writing his first book titled “Fan-Fab” alongside his soundtrack which features the hot new single, “Switch”. In June, both the book and the soundtrack will be released!

BlackLove’s new single “Switch” is the perfect Vibe we didn’t know we needed! The vocals were smooth-sailing, showing signs and elements of classic R&B. You know the classic R&B I’m talking about correct? Remember when those vocalists from the early 2000s created some of the most timeless love bops of our generation!? Yeah, well BlackLove is back to bring the ageless effect today’s sound! “Switch” was a passionately driven, sensual vibe, and sexy song that creates the mood between two significant others. Switch is a raunchy song that gives off baby-making energy. BlackLove’s vocal tone was solid, while showcasing a beautiful blend between registers. His vocal control was priceless, but nothing compared us for the best part of the song, when he took his vocals into the enticing falsetto notes. His skills as a vocalist was much appreciated. It’s something truly definable to his artistry. “Switch” appeals to the current generation while also remaining tasteful and digestible for the old school RNB lovers! All in all, BlackLove delivered us a hit song!

Listen to "Switch" here and get to know more about BlackLove below!

Hey BlackLove! How was the ghostwriting experience?

Ghostwriting Is fun and my favorite pass time. I get to use other people's lives and emotion to tell there story from my perspective.What encouraged you to get in the spotlight of music instead? Just for my Book "FAN-FAB" Instead of doing a normal audiobook I decided to do a Soundtrack for each chapter of the book something different.

You have a classic R&B flare to your artistry! Do you have any influences or inspirations for this? If so who!?

Yeah of course Tank, Donnell Jones, Marvin Gaye and Drake.

Mind telling us the theme of “Switch” from your artist perspective?

Switch is sexually motivation for the bed room instead of missionary let's switch position try something new. Switch being a trigger word.

What emotion did you channel in while writing “Switch” ?

My personal desires to be great in the bedroom period let's do it everywhere as well as the passion for my woman.

What’s next for you BlackLove?

Well, my book and soundtrack are dropping June 1, 2019 my book tour and enjoying life.


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