Blake Collins Catches Our Eye on "She Gives You That Look"

A Quentin Tarantino-esque atmosphere, specifically, "Pulp fiction" blankets Blake Collins's latest release, "She Gives You That Look."

Blake Collins is an American/British indie rock singer/songwriter who boosts passionate vocals that are fixed to honest and personal lyrics. Blake Collins sound is in the same arena as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Kinks. He's also been compared to solo artists like Elliott Smith, Emitt Rhodes, and Harry Nilsson- bottom line, BlakeCollins has that "it" factor like all of the artists mentioned above.

"She Gives You That Look" puts on a mood instantly. The entry of the electric guitar is suddenly bathed with a crash of mystic symbols as Blake steps into the piece and emits a nostalgic, familiar voice of prominent male singers from decades past. The groovy tambourine rattles away with a sexiness that feeds into the song's lyrics, which inspires a sense of intrigue, lyrics like "you know that your love is true when she gives you that look."

"She Gives You That Look," transports your musical senses back to another era; the swinging era of the '60s, and when a song is able to capture not only a mood but a musical sensation of a past generation- that's one to take note of. Blake Collins is sure to surpass your expectations, check out his latest hit, "She Gives You That Look."