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Blake Langdale Takes It To the "STREETS," with his Latest Record

There is no doubt about it, Blake Langdale was born to rock. As a multi-talented artist, Blake Langdale exudes controversial and brilliant traits that never fall mundane.

As he pushes the boundaries of what it means to be an artist in the 21st century, he hones in as a multi-instrumentalist as well as an expert tap dancer. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he is determined to break grounds wherever he sees fit; that includes the release of his latest single accompanied by visuals, “STREETS.”

“STREETS,” dips into a Pop/Rock essence that hits heavy on the state of the world throughout Covid-19. Executing a powerful vocal performance in the midst of boisterous instrumentation, we are taken into the passion that Blake Langdale holds within himself. Demonstrating lyrical abilities that paint a descriptive image on the canvas of our minds, Blake Langdale opens himself up to his listeners in hopes that he can relate with them on an emotional level after the chaos in the world has been put on blast.

Chugging guitar riffs cascade through the composition as we keep the rhythmic tempo with the perfectly timed drums. As we turn to the visuals that accompany this single, we are captivated by the efforts that Blake Langdale has taken to showcase various street activities with brightly colored images fading into one another. His dancing techniques play a huge role as the song sways between genres of Pop, Rock, and Metal.

Fusing together these tunes as he does best, Blake Langdale brings a sense of community and belonging to this piece as he shines a light on all of the actors displayed in the making of “STREETS.” Making it hard for you to not tap your fingers and toes, “STREETS,” stays heavy on your mind long after this record has come to an end.


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