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Bleacher Days Releases Stem-Winding, Emo Infused, Pop Track on "Icarus."

Gone are the days of second-guessing the direction and aesthetic your sound takes you, at least for Wren Mohammed—the sole remaining member of Bleacher Days. There's no sense in creating music, only to shelve it for the unforeseeable future because it doesn't fit a genre's framework. This sort of attitude manifests as part of his musical ethos now, and more than ever, as an independent artist releasing music under the same moniker. Once a key member in the spritely carbonated Pop-punk band, Wren now stands a symbolic reminder of what Andrew Stockdale was to Wolfmother; the extension of an unrelenting creative mind on his own.

This year, the east coast-native continues his Emo-Pop and Hip-hop amalgamating endeavors and lands on our 'favorites' playlists with a peacefully devastating single titled: "Icarus." It's inescapable, the melodramatic bordering lines between Pop music and Emo-punk somehow always find a way to synergize and intensify each other. Much of the same happens in "Icarus," where a Hip-hop scintillating beat, customary indie-pop guitar samples, and the morose narrative behind Wren's disparity congregate together in an attempt to festoon his anguish with a carbonated buoyancy. It works when we think about it; three different aesthetics consolidating into one to create an atmosphere utterly individualistic on its own; festooning with echoing decays, filtered half breaths, and industrious metalic percussive tones. And when Wren tops off each verse with his enamoring top-line voice, it's almost impossible not to lose a sense of time and space. Wren completely sucks us into the narrative, and by the end of the chorus, his hooking lines, "took my foot off the gas, I wasn't strong enough," are permanently sealed in our subconsciouses.

Having gone through a turbulent transition from group to solo, Wren Mohammed takes his next steps forward as an Independent Artist. With "Icarus," he carves his own musical path, with his creative intuition as the guiding North star behind it all.

Where did you draw your touchstones from when it comes to influences for "Icarus," and did those inspirations have a significant effect on the performance you rendered up on this track?

I can’t say there were any SIGNIFICANT influences on the song. I listen to Bring Me The Horizon, The 1975, and Lil Uzi a lot. Those are by far my favorite artists. Personally, when I listen to the song I can’t see any real similarities, but I suppose that’s because when I was writing it I wasn’t thinking “Oh I want it to sound like THIS and THIS”. The song kind of just naturally came out the way it did. When it came to the vocal performance, my producer Chris (Piquette, No Boundaries Studios) told me to think of Post Malone. Typically I’m really just yelling on songs, whereas in the majority of this one I’m really laid back.

What kind of confidence did it take to sing about such a vulnerable narrative during this song, and is there a ritual you swear by that helps channel that courage for you?

Honestly it kind of just came really naturally! If you listen to my older material, it’s very similar in tone lyrically. I’m not very adept at anything positive in my art. Don’t cut yourself on my edge here, but it all comes from pain haha. Sonically it was a lot brighter in previous releases, but the narrative has always been the same. There’s no ritual at all, I’m just an open book. I’ve found lightens the weight to less conservative when talking about your feelings, and life experiences. 

Where do you see yourself as Bleacher Days after the release of your anticipated Album later this year? A live stream show? Tours for 2021? 

Yea! I would definitely do some live sessions if people wanted to see that. Touring on the other hand is a different beast altogether. I can’t imagine live music exists in the states in an acceptable form in 2021. Maybe not even in 2022... If shows are only possible on the other side of the sea then I guess that’s where we’ll be!

If you could give us a few words as the prologue to the experience your audience can come to expect from your individual sound as Bleacher Days, what would you say, and why?

I guess I’d just describe it as “Unfiltered”. That’s just what it is at this point you know? Before it was always “No this isn’t pop-punk enough! It’s too outside the box!” Liam, Chris, and I just did whatever we wanted this time around, and I think the songs are much better for it.

What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating music this year?

My biggest source of inspiration for this year has probably been Hate5Six. With live music shutting down I’ve been watching a lot more of his content, and it’s helped keep me sane. I’d love to have him shoot a show of mine someday. Keep up the great work Sunny!


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