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"Bleed" Out Your Woes With JeremY Caesar's Sizzling New Single

From Montgomery to Birmingham, Alabama, songwriter, hip-hop recording artist, and rapper JeremY Caesar hits us over the head with his fierce new single, "Bleed."

JeremY Caesar is gifted in many fields. Although he played football throughout high school, music was his preferred outlet. He's known for bending genres and creating his sound that incorporates hip-hop, punk rock, and pop. His bold and fiery tunes serve as a form of therapy for him and his listeners, and his latest release is a prime example.

For those moments where you want to say f*ck it, feeling like the world is sitting on your shoulders, JeremY Caesar invites you to "Bleed" it out and live unapologetically. His recent release is a scorching hot tune that smokes our speakers with his rhythmic bars and heated vocal delivery, emphasizing those moments where you feel like you're spiraling out of control.

Expanding on the new single, "Bleed," the track kicks off with heavy, dark keyboard melodies that are later accompanied by crispy hi-hats and snares, jumping into the verse with power and might. JeremY Caesar's vocal appearance topples our speakers over as he screams and roars his bars that emphasize never trusting a soul and trying to ward off the shadows that linger.

Moving through the song, JeremY Caesar's confidence and rhythmic bars keep our heads bopping while the blazing production naturally activates the good ol' stank face. There's no denying that his performance stylings are attention-commanding, and this new single is a solid example of what to expect from JeremY Caesar as he continues making the Alabama music scene his own.

Jump into the flames of JeremY Caesar's exhilarating new single, "Bleed," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, JeremY Caesar. Our necks hurt from banging our heads to your fiery new single, "Bleed." What inspired this bold, heavy, and cathartic track?

Originally around the time I was writing the song, I was experimenting with different sounds and genres, so I wanted to get back to my original sound. Plus, I felt like I needed to vent about what I was going through at the time.

What was it like writing such assertive yet personal bars for "Bleed"? Was there a core message you wanted listeners to take away from your heated bars?

Yes, there is. I feel like a lot of people talk down on drug users, and I wanted to provide more of a perspective of what goes on in the user’s mind at times. My little brother passed away from an overdose, and it hurt me a lot. This song is to help people hopefully not have to go through that or understand why it happened.

What vibe or feel did you want the production to give off in "Bleed"? Did you work alongside any producers to help create and finalize your vision?

The vibe I wanted it to give was that of a chaotic headspace where nothing makes sense, and all you can do is feel. Streety Murphy out of Atlanta created the melody for the song, and RXTZ Beats from Lithuania programmed the drums and the hard-hitting Bassline. I think they captured the feeling that the lyrics bring perfectly. And on the engineering side, the record was mixed and mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Mack Woodward. He really brought a lot out on my vocals and some of the drums. I’ve had a great time executive producing this record with them.

What was your favorite part about creating the anthemic and powerful new tune, "Bleed"?

My favorite part of putting this all together was training my Heavy Metal/Deathcore vocals to bring out a different feel that not a lot of rap songs bring. Just having fun with seeing how far I can stretch my vocals, and I’m looking forward to being versatile with them in the future.

What's next for you?

Next for me is actually coming to LA, where you guys are to shoot a music video for a song my team and I did that was picked up for a movie soundtrack. Then after that finished packaging up my second single and the rollout plan for it. Then getting my EP finished.


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