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Blind Difference Grinds It Out In A New Music Video For, “Alive (Remix)”

A versatile recording artist, if there ever was one, singer-songwriter Blind Difference pays tribute to the hustle with her latest single and music video for "Alive (Remix)."

Blind Difference's sound could be described as an immaculate blend of r&b, hip-hop, pop, rock, and jazz. Her engaging performances and ability to connect with the listener are hard to come by in the saturated industry.

But, Blind Difference ensures that each song she releases will leave a significant impact on the listener. Her latest single, "Alive (Remix)," is no exception. "I respect the hustle to succeed," says Blind Difference, indicating why she treats every moment as an opportunity to make a memorable connection with listeners.

She's also firm on leaving a visual impact through the creative direction in her music videos. Most notably, the music video for "Alive (Remix)."

The music video for this eclectic new single starts off with a busy Blind Difference sitting in her office, staring at the computer to finish her daily tasks. Once the clock strikes 5, she whips off her hat and glasses and heads down to the local bar where she's expected to turn some heads.

And that she does. As Blind Difference makes her way into the lively bar with choreographed dancers, she hops on stage and jumps around to get the party started. Her creative direction in terms of making the visuals seem like an exciting party is top-notch. And finally, Blind Difference's performance is nothing but captivating; her energy and powerful vocals are destined to stand the test of time.

When you're ready to ditch work and find your next party, begin that experience with a little help from Blind Difference's new single and music video for "Alive (Remix)." Find the music video on YouTube and the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BlindDifference. We admire the concept within your recent music video for "Alive (Remix)." What inspired you to create the song itself?

Thank you very much! I was inspired by the hustle of keeping up with day-to-day life. Life in constant motion is the core inspiration of the song.

How would you describe the sound of "Alive (Remix)?" What genres or sounds influenced the production and instrumentals?

Alive is a mix of pop sprinkled with hip-hop and a dash of ethnic style percussions.

Did you work with any directors or producers when creating the music video for "Alive (Remix)?" What was your experience working alongside your team? I self-directed “Alive”, coming up with the storyline and script. This was my first time doing anything of this kind, so I just gave it my best shot. I hired a videographer to capture the script and a choreographer to create a distinct dance for the song. NC Dance District was the dance company for the dancers and choreography. Shout out to Tiffany Owens!! She is an amazing dance choreographer and was passionate about having the dancers bring the song to life. My teammate and business partner, Kiabia, was elbows deep the whole time, making sure this vision manifested from conception through the editing process. What did you want viewers to experience when watching the music video for "Alive (Remix)?" This is the best question! I want viewers to smile. I want people to feel pumped, rejuvenated, and ready to face the day. If the song is connecting with viewers/listeners, it should be a motivation for taking on life’s daily challenges… #ALIVE! What's next for you? There is more new music coming soon! I will continue to make music to reach people in mind and spirit. I am grateful for the opportunities to perform and be heard on a broad scale and will continue to look out for new opportunities! Follow my latest projects at


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