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BLNK And His Thoughts Have Us Thinking Deep In, "Conscience"

BLNK arrives on the scene with a brand new daring single, "Conscience," where he brings epic pop/rock elements and vocals to die for. Zaivian Willis and Daniel Van Putten, born in 2005, were middle school boys who shared the same aspiration.

It wasn't until their eighth-grade year that they collectively decided to pursue a career in the music industry. Joining forces in 2020, the group named themselves BLNK (blank), and their shared passion for music has brought them closer together than ever before. The purpose of BLNK is to create music that everyone can enjoy, relate to and adore.

The epic duo releases their new hyper-pop single "Conscience," bringing the energy to your speakers and feelings to connect with. BLNK floats over the bold and vibrant production by constructing the perfect melodies for the ideal moments. "I'm stuck inside the loop of your conscience. I don't know what to do" shows us the deeper meaning behind the concept of this banger.

BLNK opens up this record with lively vocals to lead us into this hyper-pop track. Zai sings about his love and keeps searching for her. He tells us that he prefers to keep his head in the clouds, but the downside would be that he's drifting away from her. Danny joins in on the action, singing, "I don't have time left. It's wasted all on you," reiterating the feeling of heartache brought through by Zai toward the opening of the track. Teaming up for the second half of the record, BLNK collaborates and executes an epic vocal performance. Indecisive on whether or not she's the one or not is the most mentally strenuous thought process ever, having to juggle the 101 possibilities that the future holds for your relationship. But, of course, what doesn't help is when you're both not on the same page, which is a subject the duo touches subtly. Catch a vibe with BLNK on their latest catchy, hyper-pop release titled "Conscience."


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