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“Blow” Send Shock-waves Through You Stereo With One In The Chamber’s New Release

Charged guitars open brand new track from One In The Chamber. "Blow" is their first release since their award-winning debut EP, "I've Got Something To Say." Hailing from Toronto, Canada, these rockers are riding a new wave of rock, heightening those dominant rock n roll traits of legends that have come before them, while maintaining an original sound and dexterity. The suspenseful opening of "Blow" couples gritty, electrified guitar and pounding drums, playing off each other to create an explosive intro. The lead vocals are belted out by a powerhouse frontman, never loosening his commanding presence on the track. The ability to change tone effervescently between smooth intoxicating lines to a coarse, grunge- in your face chorus, layers the track with all the makings of a smash rock hit. This rock n' roll foursome brings years of experience to the table and has worked alongside former Bang Tango guitarists, Scott Laflamme, recorded at Phase One Studios (Rush, Alice Cooper, The Tragically Hip), and have graced radio frequencies around the world, their sound receptively received by listeners worldwide. The assemble plays off each other, highlighting their musical strengths individually, but merges those forces to create a powerful ensemble. Their latest release, "Blow," sets the stage for this group's rock domination.

Be sure to listen to “Blow” here.

Hello One In The Chamber, and welcome to BuzzMusic! We loved your latest single “Blow”. Can you tell us a bit about the journey you took to get you here today with your new release?

Christian: Thanks for having us! We feel like we’ve come a long way since first starting out and the journey has been thrilling. Not too long after we started gigging, we had the opportunity to record our debut, The Boston Session: Bootleg Demos, at LMI Studios in Boston, and then our debut EP, I’ve Got Something To Say…, at Phase One Studios in Toronto a couple of years after that. Our songwriting had improved quite a bit by that time, and with the release of “Blow”, we feel that our songwriting has never been better.

Gerrod: We were blown away by the response to our 2018 debut studio EP, I’ve Got Something To Say…! The record was compared to some of our biggest influences like Guns N’ Roses, Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, and The Chili Peppers, and it was named Canadian EP of 2018 by Canadian Beats. It was wild! After two music videos and almost two years of tirelessly performing, it was time to get back in the studio. Once again, because we were so happy with I’ve Got Something To Say…, we recorded “Blow” with Murray Daigle and Mike Smith over at Phase One Studios.

Mike: We had been writing songs for the new album and up until this point, we were still looking for what would be our hard-hitting rock single.

Gerrod: “Blow” was almost immediately the obvious choice. It’s definitely one of our favorites to play live.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process? How are you able to mesh and feature everyone sounds so effortlessly?

Mike: At practice one day, Christian came in and showed me a slow, chugging bass line for a new song verse. It was a super sleazy, dark bassline and I immediately picked up my guitar and started playing around with what the lead line would be. We really wanted the song to punch hard so the guitar riff had to be big. Once I had the riff done the lyrics started flowing. We ran through it a few times and Gerrod had the idea to play the song live with big shots in the intro, and Cecil added in his roaring guitar solo.

Gerrod: Writing has become a very organic and collaborative process between the four of us. We’re all coming from different musical influences - a lot of classic rock, ‘90s rock, metal, some pop, and even jazz - and that helps us collectively to push our writing to a spot that we think is unique and our individual performances to a position where we can each be proud of. Christian: We’re very open when it comes to songwriting. Sometimes, one of us will bring an entire song to the band and the rest of us will add our own things to it, and other times, one of us will bring an idea to the band and we’ll collectively build off of it. The making of “Blow” is the perfect example of the latter, as Mike mentioned. However, some of our best songs have come out organically through jamming, which is my personal favorite. The difference in musical tastes between us makes for some very cool collaborations.

Blow gives the listener a combination of sounds, between aggressive and melody. What inspired these divergent tones?

Christian: I think this is purely a result of our contrasting musical backgrounds. At face value, “Blow” is a hard-hitting rock song, but there are a lot of things going on throughout that hint more at our other influences. You’ve got heavy rhythms mixed with catchy chords, melodies, and harmonies, and to top it off, you’ve got a jazzy guitar solo that contrasts but does not conflict with the rest of the music. “Blow” is one of those songs that, to me, balances each of our influences perfectly.

Can you tell us a bit of history about the band? How did all of you come to meet and form One In The Chamber?

Gerrod: Cecil Eugene and myself were both jazz students at York University, and he had already met Mike, our singer, through a different show. After a few months of jamming and writing, we found our bassist in Christian Dotto, a friend of Cecil’s from high school. That was all in the winter and spring of 2015 and we’re actually coming up to the 5 year anniversary of our first show on June 26.

What can we expect to see from you throughout the rest of 2020?

Gerrod: New music is on the way, we can promise you that, but, for the time being, we’re celebrating and promoting our new single and music video for “Blow”.



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