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BLUEGRAY Offers an Introspective Sound With Single "Claire, What Could've Been"

Integrative artist BLUEGRAY stimulates a multitude of senses with his curative music. The passion embedded within BLUEGRAY's artistry is unequivocally present, which makes us fall in love with his sound even more. We know that with BLUEGRAY, we're getting a thoughtful encounter with his inner intentions, and this holds especially true with his release of "Claire, What Could've Been". The track will feel very light-hearted and creamy. It effortlessly fills the room with a contemplative aura, which will attract almost every sensation from your body!

We're receiving such an airy and smooth production from BLUEGRAY in his recent single "Claire, What Could've Been". With a strong embedding of indie-style elements, BLUEGRAY initiates a serene and thoughtful environment with his presented vocal and lyrical outflow. As an artist who finds himself impassioned with many other forms of art, we can sense the versatility of BLUEGRAY in "Claire, What Could've Been". There's a sense of despair combined with a reminiscent feel in the song, which can be two emotions one takes away from the track. We imagine "Claire, What Could've Been" to be the perfect song you listen to, staring out your window on a long car ride, and remembering back to old times. In essence, BLUEGRAY's release will make you feel reflective, allowing time for contemplation, which we have to note is the feeling you receive from the sounding in general. Once delving into the lyricism of BLUEGRAY in "Claire, What Could've Been", you're in for an entirely different ride. You'll have to listen to find out!

Check out "Claire, What Could've Been" here!



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