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Bluegray Shines a Light on World Problems in “Catastrophe”

Born in San Diego, but based in Los Angles is Keenan McGuckin otherwise known as, Bluegray. After teaching English in Ethiopia for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Keenan is now back in California ready to write, create and let his music career flourish. Bluegray specializes in creating dream-like soundscapes that allow the listener to close their eyes, relax and escape into the musical world of Bluegray. Bluegray displays his complex sounds in his latest single “Catastrophe”. “Catastrophe” begins with the intricate sound of the piano, as we are met with the opening vocals. There is a very soft and unique tone to Keenan's voice, which he can control remarkably. “Catastrophe” speaks about the issues going on around the world like climate change and global pandemic but speaks about it refreshingly. He relates the world’s problems and issues through beautiful lyrical metaphors. "Catastrophe" features more soundscapes and instruments that fill up and create a magnificent musical environment throughout the rest of the song. “Catastrophe” fuses together different vibes, ambient sounds, and complex vocal arrangements to create a unique and memorable song for all listeners. Listen to “Catastrophe” here.



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