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BNH Deluxe Gets Personal With His New Single “IN MY ARMS”

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres and artists such as Nirvana, Deftones, Joji, and Radiohead, BNH Deluxe is an artist who seamlessly blends elements of trap, pop, indie, and heavy metal/nu-metal to create an intriguing and captivating sonic experience.

The musical alias of John RePass emerged from the vibrant Seattle music scene with a sound that defies easy categorization. Currently navigating his junior year in high school, BHN Deluxe's sound is already mature beyond his years, and it seems like he only gets better with


The melodic essence of BNH Deluxe comes to us again with the release of his latest single, "IN MY ARMS." Offering up this heartfelt piece chalked full of honeyed harmonies and wistful lyrics, he speaks on the effort one puts into romantic relationships only to feel lonely and isolated. A theme that all can relate to, BNH Deluxe has a knack for creating relatable songs that resonate with his audience far and wide as he simultaneously pulls their heartstrings and creates an atmospheric vibe to simmer within.

What we love most about BNH Deluxe's performance throughout this record is his ability to paint vivid imagery that is thought-provoking, all while allowing us to fixate on the emotion he pours from himself into this earnest representation of honest sentiments. "IN MY ARMS" fits into the realm of today's pop style yet enters the melodic world of hip-hop's evolution as his artistry resembles mainstream creatives like The Kid Laroi and Iann Dior.

Equipped with the heart and charisma it takes to make it to the top, we eagerly await more profound creations from BNH Deluxe as he keeps his foot on the gas and applies pressure to his next release.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BNH Deluxe! We love the passion you convey in your latest single, "IN MY ARMS." With such personal lyrics that sound directly from your heart - what moment or story inspired the creation of this song?

First of all, thank you for having me! When I first started making the song, it was the instrumental aspect of it that drew me into completing the song. When I first made the guitar part, I was hooked and wanted to make a fast, upbeat song without paying much attention to what I was doing regarding lyrics, as long as it made sense. However, looking back, the song seems like it's about someone doing their best for someone else but ultimately not being enough for them, which ironically is not a very upbeat topic to write an upbeat-sounding song about.

What are your favorite themes to write about as an artist? Do you find it's easier to return to the headspace of some topics while others take a bit more coaxing?

Returning to the headspace of previous topics is spot on since I notice that unless I choose explicitly to write about something specific and new, I always go back to writing about my own unique experiences with overall mental turmoil and ocd. I think it's especially apparent in my older music.

Regarding your artistic and non-artistic inspirations, what and who keeps you motivated and inspired daily? Why do you create music?

I have many inspirations, more than I can count, and some I probably don't even realize. But a notable motivation for me artistically and musically is myself. I like to think I change a lot, and I often notice that I evolve so much in a year that I become a whole different version of myself, like a new, better person. And looking back, I've changed so much, so if that much can happen in a few years, I can't wait for my future self to look back and see how much we've grown.

How does "IN MY ARMS" hold up to the first song you ever released? Do you find that you've kept the same approach to your artistry, or have things changed along the way?

If anyone heard my first song, I'd expect they'd immediately notice how different it is from "IN MY ARMS," not to say that any artist's first song is probably other sounding from their most recent release. My first few songs were instrumental tracks that I would make on my iPad, and they were often very lo-fi hip-hop-sounding. However, as you said, I still incorporate methods and patterns I've used since I first started creating "in my arms," despite the upgrades in gear and knowledge.

What are you most looking forward to achieving for the rest of 2023?

I'd say what I'm looking forward to the most is performing, evolving my image and sound as an artist, attracting new fans and people who connect to me and my music, and continuing to articulate my thoughts and experiences into my art.


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