Bo Baskoro Drops His Healing New Single “Levee”

Portland, Oregan based singer/songwriter Bo Baskoro is an authentic and talented artist. Equipped with an individuality that sets him apart from other artist, Bo Baskoro is an admirable and inspiring representation to galvanize the music industry today. After the release of his single “The Woman” in the winter of 2016, Bo Baskoro gained an ever-growing following and landed in multiple Spotify playlists. After collaborating with Maxwell House during a recovery from a labral tear and tumor surgery, Bo Bakoro raised more ears as he shared his endeavors while still writing and playing music.

Out now is Bo Baskoro’s empowering new single “Levee” and we can’t get enough! He weaves through storytelling elements of his trials and tribulations and scars. He knows that what he’s been through only makes him stronger and he wants to spread that message through “Levee”. This track focuses on washing away whatever struggles you are facing and treat it as a new beginning. We love the pop/electronic chill vibes that “Levee” exudes. It’s a catchy pop hit with heavy subject matter to grab listeners attention. The high energy and confidence that Bo Baskoro boasts is admirable and mesmerizing. This track is going to make waves in the music industry and really make a name for Bo Baskoro! We can’t wait to see what he delivers next!

Listen to “Levee” here and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Hey Bo Baskoro! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us more about your upbringing and how you got started in music?

Ya! It was more or less a bit random. I didn’t ever think I’d actually be doing music, I was originally gonna be a martial arts instructor haha. But then I was watching an episode of Smallville where Lana Lang and Clark Kent broke up, and while Lana was driving down this dirt road the song, ‘Where I stood’ by Missy Higgins was playing and I was like “Wow, this is really sad… I wanna make people sad”. For some reason, that was the trigger to get me to want to start writing music.

We love your track “Levee”, it’s very inspiring. What emotions did you channel in order to write this piece?

Dude, thank you so much. I really wanted this song to start with that eerie sort of dark feeling because the idea was that I’ve got so much baggage and ghosts from all these stupid things I’ve done and experienced in my history that it’s left me jaded and a bit broody. But I really wanted to dive into the concept of hope and celebration, the song is supposed to be the switch in my brain that decides that I have control of how I live and how I respond to anything and overall just a celebration of washing away all of the baggage and history and negativity I’ve dragged along throughout the years.

Can you dive into the meaning behind your lyricism in “Levee”?

Levee, came from the idea of finding that one thing or that one person that changes the way you see yourself and the way you live. You become aware of the bad habits and unhealthy escapes you’ve been dragging around all your life and now have the opportunity to wash it all away.

Do you have any musical influences that inspire your music? How so? 

Oh man, a ton. I think Jack Garratt and Jack Antonoff are my all time favorite writers and producers. The sounds they come up with and the small details have quite literally changed my life. I had the privilege of being mentored by Denny White in LA for a while and he really changed the way I write and see lyrics. Most of the time when I’m writing about the same thing everyone else has already written about, I always hear Denny’s voice in my head saying, “Dude, it’s about saying the same thing but different”. Now it’s almost annoying because anytime I try to write a line that’s too basic I won’t sleep until I find another way to say it. But I think it’s also a good standard to set me apart, at least I hope!

What’s next for you, Bo Baskoro?

That’s a really good question. The last few years I’d been kind of going in circles with releasing a single, celebrating, marketing myself, pitching myself as an opening act to LITERALLY EVERY ARTIST COMING THROUGH, rinse and repeat. This year I really want to make new moves. I just signed with Far Out Entertainment which to me felt like the right move. I’m really excited to see where that takes me because that team is super encouraging, genuinely believes in my work and we’re already brainstorming for the next year. That’s the thing about me is I love getting creative with the marketing just as much as the music, ‘How do we make me look way more legit than I am?’, ‘How do we stand out?’ , ‘How do we get weird in the most tasteful way?’. I’m really excited to have another hand in the kitchen with this gig so now we’re just adding to the team and putting more creative heads together to cook up some new moves!


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