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Bo Lavish Slaps the Hip-Hop Game With a Fiery Single, "Got It On Me"

From Chicago to South Atlanta, the rapper, hip-hop artist, and singer-songwriter Bo Lavish takes our breath away with an enthralling and engaging new release entitled "Got It On Me."

The likes of Bo Lavish are bound to leave any listener feeling captivated and exhilarated through his high-energy performances and meaningful bars. Unfortunately, Bo Lavish lost his mother in 2018, which led him to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with a few felony charges. After spending some time behind bars, Bo Lavish felt compelled to begin pursuing a career in music. After a quick listen to Bo Lavish's new single "Got It On Me," we were instantly left feeling stimulated and engaged through his dominant approach to contemporary hip-hop.

Also releasing a picturesque and upbeat music video for the song, listeners are able to put a face to a name and further introduce themselves to the renowned stylings of Bo Lavish.

Jumping into "Got It On Me," the song opens with a soothing brass section that sonically serenades us with the warmth and tenderness of jazz. Taking us by surprise, the instrumentals quickly transition into a dominant and powerful trap beat that scorches through like a wildfire in need of taming. As Bo Lavish makes his authoritative introduction, he instantly leaves us moving and grooving to his incredible rhythm and vocal prowess.

We can't help but tap our feet to the song's savory and intense beat, as it offers a few dominant similarities to the production stylings of the late Pop Smoke. As Bo Lavish continues his powerhouse performance, he closes the song off with nothing but heat and energy.

Douse yourself in the flames of Bo Lavish's latest single, "Got It On Me," and find the song's high-energy music video on YouTube.

When we're looking for powerful and dominant hip-hop, "Got It On Me" does just the trick. What inspired you to create such a dominant and high-energy track like this?

Really just the energy from the beat and me just wanting to step outside what I normally create. I'm originally from Chicago where drill music originated, however, I grew up in Riverdale, GA (southside of Metro Atlanta). I wanted to come up with something catchy, repetitive, and uncommon for the Atlanta scene. Who created the fiery production for "Got It On Me?" Did you have any artistic influences in mind when formulating the sound and vibe of the production?

The beat was made by Tejai Moore, R&B/Pop Singer-songwriter, producer, engineer, and CEO of Moore Muzik, and the song was also co-produced by Tejai as well. The video was shot by Prime, owner of Pics by Prime. We love the party-vibe of your music video for "Got It On Me." What was the shooting process like? What sort of scene did you want to capture through the music video?

Definitely appreciate that! The process was actually very fun. The team and I planned it out months in advance. We partnered with Prime to come up with the treatment for the video, found a space to shoot it, and from there it was a movie. My vision for the video was something fun with the water guns and kind of like a mini film as you can see at the beginning of the video. Do you normally create such powerful and high-energy songs like "Got It On Me?," Or would you say that your sound is rather explorative and based on your current moods and surroundings?

I would say normally my music is created around my mood and surroundings. Sometimes, I challenge myself to create something different than I would normally create. What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

My favorite release of 2021 from an indie artist would be "Ready" by Jleel.

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