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Bob Fulds' New Single "Turn on the Light" Will Set the Right Vibe for the Soul

Berlin-based artist Bob Fulds isn't afraid of minimalist lo-fi productions. With most of his catalog, he's captured the robustness that Pop-Rock has to offer by incorporating a catchy hook and an easy-going instrumental backing.

On 2020's "Turn On The Light," he used the electric guitar to create a straight forward pump that works by pondering over a cycle of steady midi-drums and Bob's cordial vocals.

"Turn On the Light," is a track about looking on the bright side of a more than gloomy and pessimistic landscape, demonstrated when Fulds sings, "Turn on the Light, without there's no sight, alls all right when we're together tonight." Here, Bob first envelops us with upfront guitars that feel present and clean, then quickly shifts the focus to his more attention-grabbing topline.

"Come on baby, turn on the light, don't sing softly cause you to think it ain't right." he sings, melting amongst his layered vocals filling out our headspace. The warmth and jolly nature of his music draw the ear to the variations in the music he likes to incorporate; bringing Jangle-pop and Indie-Rock blend together.

Gradually, "Turn On The Light" gets compressed in its lo-fi qualities as it magnifies your awareness to the straightforwardness of this track—equivalent of your own heart's beat. Bob Fuld's new single is an amalgamation of sorts that forgo the intricacies that make antonymic genres feel laborious to listen to, offering his audience the euphoria acquainted with the sonic brushstrokes of his expressions.

Hello Bob and welcome to BuzzMusic. What does the writing process and production process look like for you? Does it start on your guitar figuring out chords or on lyrics with a pen?

Writing for me really begins with a simple rhythm or chord progression that really inspires me to hum along. When humming, I will hit a certain line or phrase that I find interesting, and then take to paper and pen. After writing out the lyrics and multiple revisions, I start imagining the rest of the instruments. 

How did music find its way into your life, and do you find it has helped you as an avenue of expression for your emotions?

Music entered my life at a fairly young age. I would find myself grooving and listening to music at any chance I got. When growing up and going through the teenage years, music really helped me channel all my emotions and turn them into something creative. Without music, I don’t know where I would be.

What would a dream collaboration look like for you?

A well-done collaboration involves serious and dedicated parties working together. For me, a dream collaboration takes it up a notch, where each member shares and contributes with pieces from their own craft. The goal would be to create music that is unique, interesting, and breaking genre norms.

Can we expect to hear a full-on extend play from you anytime soon, or maybe an exciting collaboration you've been working on that you'd like to mention?

Absolutely, my third full-length album will come out at the end of November. As for collaborations, there are a few at the moment, but not anything for this year.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

2020 has been an interesting year, with the Coronavirus really impacting my touring schedule. At the same time, this uncertain period has allowed me to take time to dedicate to the creative process and growing as an Artist. What’s next, at the end of November I will be releasing my third full album and planning in playing at a show near you.



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