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Bold to the Touch, Terry Jones Builds an Environment of Intensity in "THIS IS MY STATEMENT"

Comedian, actor, and musician; just a few of the hats that creative Terry Jones wears proudly. Performing at top clubs, as well as corporate and college audiences throughout the tri-state area, opening for the likes of Eddie Griffin, Hal Sparks, Jo’Koy, Sinbad, John Witherspoon, Damon Wayans, and many more.

Terry Jones made his national television debut on NUVOtv’s Stand Up & Deliver after performing at the first annual Cabo Comedy Festival and finishing second in the Jack Rollins Breakthrough Talent Competition. Like his predecessor’s before him Jamie Foxx and Donald Glover; he has taken the plunge into the world of music.

Fresh off the release of his hit single “THIS IS MY STATEMENT,” Terry Jones has decided to let his audience see him in a different light. In fact, this light is emitting rays of depth and mystery as it stirs up an intense atmosphere filled with enigmatic tenors in both the sonic and visual portion of his artistry. The exhilarating soundscape has us weaving through the motions of anticipation as we take in a buoyantly mid-tempo ambiance rich in a poignant essence.

Terry Jones emits glimmers of his comedy into the way that he portrays his visual components. There is a lighthearted essence even though he delves deep into a narrative that effortlessly takes us on the roller coaster of “THIS IS MY STATEMENT.” The foreboding tone in his vocalization has mesmerized in both the audio as well as the captivating series of visuals offered in the filmic masterpiece. Consistently weaving through the motions of this ominous environment, a drunk Terry Jones is seen stumbling from his car, down the alleyway, and running into some bad apples as he chooses to follow a mystery woman; or is she just a figment of his imagination?

As we remain fully absorbed in the story unfolding, the abstract concepts that peak from the various scenes showcased have our attention as if we’re living out a video game level that is difficult to unlock. “THIS IS MY STATEMENT,” is one of those videos that you have to watch for yourself to see what all the hype is about. All we can say is, Terry Jones delivers.

We love the entirety of both the song and music video for “THIS IS MY STATEMENT.” What leaped into your mind in order to influence the meaning behind this track? In your own words, what does it mean to you as a creator? Thank you for the warm welcome! Glad you enjoyed both the video and song; it’s the most liberating thing I have done in entertainment. The biggest influence has been my evolution over the 2020 Pandemic and my personal life-changing. I went on a social media hiatus for 4 months and started working on things for when the world opens up again. The meaning of the track is liberation and healing. It’s the journey and success of becoming one with one’s self. The intro is a broken version of me evolving into a confident/healed version of me by the end. Life is too short to not live it. The music video is so intricate with the way each scene is portrayed! What was it like bringing the visuals to life? The video was shot by John Zeller, he is one of my favorite creatives that truly understand my visions. So writing and directing the video was easy for me since John is so good! There are so many hidden references; I wanted to pay homage to so many of my favorite films and anime series. You would have to watch it at least 50 times to catch it all. A lot of Music Videos don’t tell stories as much anymore; so I was very happy with this. It will continue in its own cinematic universe. Could you please take us into the recording process for “THIS IS MY STATEMENT?"What were the vibes like in the studio? The beat was produced by an artist/producer Mayce Tomlin. He sent me a few beats and this one spoke to my soul. I have been around many producers just hanging in studios over the years hosting Hip-Hop shows. Mayce is one of the best I have ever heard. Roscoe Wiki runs his studio The Rapcave and produced the intro of the track. Roscoe is one of my favorite producers and artists in the game. So teaming up with these two was a gift from the universe. Roscoe created that amazing intro and then I dropped the verse and it went unreal. So I come back with our new music consultant Gene Ashley. I laid the harmonizing vocals and we listened to the song as a whole finished project. It was like the video of Travis Scott recording “No Bystanders.” I wasn’t as sure as them that the track was as lit as it has been received. The vibes for both sessions were so good. My whole thing is we are not allowed to bring EGO into any projects from here until the future. Being there is no fight over EGO, we all work flawlessly together. This made the project even more special to me. As one to dabble in various creative paths, do you have a preferred avenue to venture? What’s your reasoning? Good question, the one everyone has been asking. I am a big conduit of art in general. I can act, draw, paint, create music, and much more. I love stand-up comedy but I have always loved music and wanted to be a part of it in some way. I don’t have a preference anymore; especially now that I know the art doesn’t control the artist. I am just excited to create the way God wants me to and feeling as free as I do while doing it. I have had some very supportive friends that are musicians like FRZY. It means a lot and really helped boost my confidence to be a serious creative in music. What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you Terry? Working with Mayce and Roscoe again; so anticipate a lot of music for 2021. I want to dabble into a few other genres of music as well. I can't wait to drop an EP later this year

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