Bolshiee Brings Her Alt-Pop Sound in “Dance in the Rain”

Originally from Luxembourg, Bolshiee brings a dark, alt-pop sound to the scene with her song, "Dance In The Rain".

The track begins with beautifully sustained whole tones that give the song a dark and almost eerie feel. A string line is introduced about halfway through, adding an element of depth and balancing the higher tones of the song. Not only is the music beautiful and haunting but Bolshiee’s voice compliments the strings. Her lower register at the beginning of the song is subtly warm. She then switches to an airless falsetto tone that compliments the full tones of the string line. It’s ethereal.

Bolshiee’s lyrics are especially relatable to people going through a difficult relationship and having to learn how to be okay on their own. The calming music and relatable lyrics of “Dance In The Rain” are well worth a listen and deserve your attention.

Listen to “Dance In The Rain” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Bolshiee! You have a very unique stage name! What's the story behind "Bolshiee"?

Thank you for having me! Long story short my last name is Bolshakova, which is Russian so it's already very unique, and "Bolshiee" is one of the nicknames I've had since high school. People started knowing me for my nickname rather than my first name and I got so used to it that I decided to use it for my music. So all props to my friends!

You’re originally from Luxembourg, how did you get your start in music and make your way over to Los Angeles?

I always wanted to be a musician but never thought it was possible since I grew up in a tiny country where the entertainment industry is pretty much non-existent and due to the small population and everyone being in each other's business, doing something out of the norm was very intimidating as it lead to immediate judgment. I started playing the piano at the age of five and didn't enjoy my teacher's approach to teaching it so it became very dreadful and turned into some sort of obligation rather than passion. At the age of 12 my friend Lola, who was a singer herself, introduced me to the acoustic guitar. I would lock myself in my room for HOURS practicing just so I would be able to accompany myself while singing. Her and I started making cover videos and it basically all started there. I started busking every Sunday, with her and later on other friends of mine. I actually moved to Los Angeles solely for acting. I continued playing in my bedroom while doing open mics here and there because I didn’t really believe in myself enough and it wasn’t until two years ago that one of my friends sat me down one night and gave me this whole life-changing speech that finally turned the switch for me.

“Dance In The Rain” has a bit of a different feel from the other tracks you’ve released. What made you want to write this song? Did your writing process change at all? "Dance In The Rain" was one of those 4am kind of songs. I wrote it back in October of 2018 I believe, and we finished the track that same month. As mentioned earlier, acting is another huge passion of mine and I imagined this song being part of a movie while writing it, which gave it its cinematic feeling I hadn't incorporated in my previous releases. I love mixing both worlds, which we more thoroughly explored at the beginning of last year and it will be very apparent in my upcoming music.

What can we expect to see from you in 2020?

Definitely more music and more live shows, that is all I will say for now!