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Boogie Madeoff Is Unstoppable On His New Release, “I Can Sleep When I Die” Ft. Kyng LeLe

This isn’t someone you can keep down.

Born Rufus R Gordon, San Jose native Boogie Madeoff always seemed destined for big things in the music industry.

After receiving his first paying job as an entertainer at seven, Boogie Madeoff’s leap to singing and rapping was a natural and easy progression. With Boogie Madeoff’s dad being a well-known radio DJ from Detroit, it’s clear music runs in Boogie’s blood, and fast forward to today, he’s already continuing and improving on the rich musical left to him. Having carved a significant niche for himself with his razor-sharp abilities, Boogie Madeoff is a name you’ll want to remember.

Having racked up over a thousand performances throughout the United States, Madeoff’s vast artistic talent is matched only by his motivation and tireless work ethic. There’s seemingly nothing he can’t do, even recognizing the importance of promotion early on and connecting with some of San Jose’s most elite and respected promoters.

Having shone on his collaborations with more than 45 artists, including TraxxaMillion, Clyde Carson, and MayLay of Westside Connection, he’s also demonstrated the rare ability to seamlessly work with and elevate with a wide range of artists. Boogie Madeoff’s latest release, “I Can Sleep When I Die” (ft. Kyng LeLe), is an intense, gripping, and entertaining song that sees Boogie operating at an astronomically high artistic level.

Every aspect of “I Can Sleep When I Die,” including the title itself, emanates the feeling that Boogie is completely locked in and in the zone. Lines like “came home wit that Heiseman I’m multiplying” and “I can sleep when I die bitch until then I’m ten toes deep” only amplify this feeling, and you’d be hard-pressed not to let some of the intensity of this release captivate your attention.

Boogie Madeoff’s fiery release “I Can Sleep When I Die” (ft. Kyng LeLe) is an ode to dedication and the work it takes to see your dreams come true. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “I Can Sleep When I Die”, available now on all majour streaming platforms.


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