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Boox Kid Livens Our Spirits With the Dynamic Single, "When I Was a Young Boy"

From Fremantle, Australia, the producer and singer-songwriter Boox Kid pours his psychedelic sonics through our speakers with his latest release, "When I Was a Young Boy."

A proud Noongarman of the Wardandi Bibbulmun nation, Boox Kid, strives to deliver unique melodies, harmonies, instrumentation, and thrilling live shows. Recently featured by PILERATES for NAIDOC week 2020, Boox Kid also earned a spot in BIGSOUND50, the industry's top 50 emerging Australian acts.

Bringing the heat with his latest single, "When I Was a Young Boy," Boox Kid takes listeners through a nostalgic lyrical concept. Simultaneously, the surrounding sonics pour through our speakers with modern synth arrangements and organic instrumentals. Offering a heavily psychedelic approach through the sonics, Boox Kid grooves away with the dynamic and wavy instrumentals to make for a transcendent adventure.

"When I Was a Young Boy" begins with a down-tempo kick, snare, and Boox Kid's soulful vocal stylings. As he continues singing of having the strangest dreams as a young boy, the dreamy electric guitar melodies make their appearance alongside the chilling electronic production. Offering more organic and soulful Tame Impala-flairs through this single, Boox Kid truly delivers a unique and soothing experience.

The blend of organic instrumentals with exhilarating synthetic production truly gives the track incredible depth, especially as we're met with a tempo-switch leading to the outro. While Boox Kid passionately sings of not finding the words for how he feels about someone, the sonics drench us in energy through the foot-stomping outro while ending the song with nothing but life.

Experience Boox Kid's dynamic single, "When I Was a Young Boy," on all digital streaming platforms, and find yourself enamored with the versatile instrumentals/production and Boox Kid's savory vocals.

We're truly impressed with the versatility and depth within your recent single, "When I Was a Young Boy." Did any moment or event inspire the creation of this single?

There wasn't any moment per se, I think with this track I really wanted to create something very dreamy, something that makes the listener recall their own personal events. There are elements of the song that for me take me to my childhood and this is probably where the main lyric came into play.

What was it like creating the textured and intricate production for "When I Was a Young Boy"? What did your creative process look like when recording and laying down your tracks?

Often I will arrange the instrumentation first and then experiment with melodies and then the song kind of evolves from there. With 'When I was a young boy', I remember experimenting with all sorts of odd sounds and using the vocoder in sections. The guitar was one of the last things to be tracked. Originally I had an ending that was a bit left of field and I wasn't totally happy with it and the guitar solo, so one night I tried something different and went double time in the ending with a Tame Impala influence and added some Rhodes to thicken things up. I was all hyped up because I knew it worked a lot better than the original idea.

What did you want your audience to take away from your lyricism within "When I Was a Young Boy"? What themes did you want to get across to listeners?

The song is essentially about desire and longing. Whether it's longing for a person or a place; you can take away what you want as a listener, but for me, the song evokes memories and the feelings associated with those memories, a nostalgia.

Are there any artists or bands that helped inspire your sound and style? Is there anyone that you look up to?

I really love Tame Impala and the sounds Kevin Parker uses. For years though I have been listening to Miike Snow and Andrew Wyatt in particular. Old favorites though; I would say David Bowie and Stevie Wonder, incredible songwriters. I love artists that experiment and create things they enjoy and not necessarily what everyone wants to hear.

What's next for you?

I am planning to release an EP mid-year and to hop onto a few festival bills over in Australia and a small tour in my local state. I can't wait for people to hear what I have and on stage is one of the few places where I can make the production come to life.


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