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Bop to the Beat of Steroman's Heat On, "Splashing Around"

Soaring in from Paris, France, the songwriter and producer Steroman pays tribute to French-touch with his electrifying single entitled "Splashing Around."

Steroman takes his inspirations from acts like Led Zeppelin, Lenny Kravitz, and Remy Shand while also delving deep into genres like Funkadelic and Electronic, resulting in his sound qualified as urban-soul. When speaking about his moniker, Steroman mentioned, "he's a concept, we are all Steroman at some point in our lives. We wear this costume at special times...his songs talk about those personal moments."

With the release of hit electro-bop "Splashing Around," Steroman invites those who enjoy the stylings of acts like Daft Punk, Zapp&Roger, or Chromeo into this single. Without a single sample used, Steroman plays each instrument organically while merging the sonic depts of electronic music alongside his robotic and nostalgic delivery.

Getting to the goods, the single "Splashing Around" begins with pulsating synths and vibrant keyboard melodies that lead towards the anticipating beat drop. As the broad-ranging drum patterns make their way in alongside Steroman robotic-like vocals, he gives us thrilling 2000's Daft Punk vibes, although Steroman offers more of an ode to funk and French-touch.

Steroman keeps our heads nodding through the song alongside each intricate synthetic arrangement that bursts in color and rhythm. As we move further through the piece, Steroman drenches our speakers in various electronic tones and melodies that take us back a few decades while keeping the groove alive the entire time.

Transport back a few decades with Steroman's intoxicating electronic single "Splashing Around," and get to know his club-infused tunes available on all digital streaming platforms.

Listen to "Splashing Around," here.

We truly admire the sonic depth within your recent single, "Splashing Around." Did you create this song out of a jam session, or did you have an initial idea and vision for the piece? This is definitely not from a jam session, I was writing in a cafe in Paris, facing my blank page, and having a kinda rough time... no idea, nothing, and in addition to it, a storm started outside. I was watching through the café window, at all the people, running, and trying to escape the rain, and there was this girl, smiling so much, and enjoying the weather (or maybe she just had a super nice day and didn't care about the bad weather...) I saw her only walking a few steps, but that was enough, these steps rhythm instantly became the beat of my new song, and "splashing around" just came to life real quick. a vision, that's it. I work a lot like this and left the café with a new song, and a smile on my face! How did you create and produce the nostalgic robot-like vocals for your single "Splashing Around"? I have been influenced by "Daft-punk" vocoded voices of course, but not only, but I also absolutely love the sound of the talk-box, and you can hear some "Zapp&Roger" or "Chromeo" influences in my work, these funky influences might be an answer. I also wanted to have an "organic" robotic sound. Technically, I sang all voices (at least 3 every time) on different pitches, and then glue them back together, instead of letting the software do all the work. it's longer, but allows me some harmonics or modulations that I couldn't obtain with an easier treatment on my voices. The most important is to try again and again until I reach a sound I like. Seeing as you steered away from using samples within "Splashing Around," how long was your creative process, and what did it look like? The length completely depends on the song this one as quick as I said, but I have some songs that I'm unable to finish, and they sometimes take months, or years... until the idea pops up! About my creative process, I usually start with an overall idea, few elements that define the song I want, for this one, it was " the walk rhythm" I talked about earlier, and the low tone "barking" at every beginning of the chorus, to remind the sound of thunder. Bass is my first and main instrument, so I usually start with drums, bass, and the melody. Then comes all the guitars and keyboards. I usually stack tons of layers, then try to keep what's essential and remove what is not. This is why my productions sound "rich". It's quite far from the current trends in music production, which tends to be very clean and airy, but this is how I work, and what I like too. I enjoy discovering a new element every time I listen to a song, and I'm sure I'm not the only one! Could you tell us more about the brand you've built around Steroman? Where do you plan on taking your brand in the future? Steroman is not a person. he's a concept. We all are Steroman, at some point in our lives. We wear this costume at very special times, when the world seems to stop spinning when we fall in love when we help this old person crossing the street, but no one seems to care, or when we're enjoying the storm, for a reason no one else will understand...My songs talk about those hanging moments. I also used a costume because I don't really like the "star-system" even if I'm super far from being a star yet! I want people to focus on my song and universe, and I would love people to adapt my songs to their own situations, more than focus on the person inside the costume. I even think about a changing person inside of it, so you never know what "steroman" you will see today... but shhh that's a secret. ;) What can we expect to see next from you? I am preparing a surprise, to celebrate the 1million streams I reached!! I wanted to give my followers a special thanks, and I'm currently working on it! Also, I have a lot of songs ready, or in progress. Enough for an album, even two maybe! I am also working on collaborations but I can't say much about it yet. I am completely focused on my production and creations, as live music is almost impossible for the moment... Still, I wish to be seen by a bigger structure, I have tons of ideas to keep on developing this project, but without support, I am too limited as an independent musician.

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