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Born Soul Gives a Diverse Hip-Hop Album Filled With Enigmatic Hits on “Bad Landz”

Born Soul released his album titled “Bad Landz” and this project will reshape the culture of hip-hop with its unique spin! “Bad Landz” begins with the song “Italy”. “Italy” is a song that we can find ourselves playing on our speakers because the beat itself was headbanging. However, the lyrics were intricate while Born Soul had a nice delivery and even transitioned his flow mid-song, showcasing his skills in rapping. The next song “Burn” beat had a nice melody on top of the production of the beat. Born Soul gives you a vocal arrangement in the hook of this record, which was well-rounded and unpredictable. By this moment, It was easy for us to interpret that Born Soul musicality was diverse and this album will be filled with fun surprises!

“Hand Sanitizer” was a thunderous banger with catchy lyrics. The hook was contagious and easy to get stuck into our memories. “Hand Sanitizer” is the kind of song that will become a huge mainstream hit due to its charismatic lyricism. After becoming hype to “Hand Sanitizer”, “Really Wanh” comes in with a nice jazz beat fused with the trap sound to show a different vibe to Born Soul artistry. “Really Wanh” was Rollicking and the lyrics were quotable. We found ourselves repeating the hook over and over due to its addictive personality. After “Real Low” transitioned in, This song instantly became one of our favorites on this album! “Real Low” was a feel-good record with lush melodies on the instrumentation thanks to the beautiful piano. The hook was simple and easily contagious. Born Soul kept this soulful vibe going through “Rise To Shine” with neo-soul elements being presented in the production o the beat.

“Rise To Shine” was a smooth-sailing song that relaxed the listener and gave us a comforting sense of warmth. “The Best” had a cocky lyrical delivery with a unique beat that displayed sounds from a harmonica. It was a cool unique way to put a twist onto the album. What we noticed in “Switch Lanez” was how Born Soul not only switched his flow from the songs prior, but his articulation was completely different! His ability to create diverse cadence through his raps is impressive. “That Frame” was funky with even light west-coast hip-hop components to the song. “You got that body, you got that frame”. “That Frame” was endlessly-playable due to this infectious vibe and hook. “Top Off” went back to the rhythmic trap banging sound that we loved in this album! It was refreshing to watch Born Soul switch through multiple lanes of hip-hop and showcase different vibes throughout this album instead of sticking to one sound. The way he fluctuates back and forth with various dimensions were smooth.

All in all, “Bad Landz” was an ebullient project filled with smashing songs that will leave you in an unpredicted trance! You can listen to “Bad Landz” by Born Soul here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Born Soul! Tell us about your cool stage name and background! What are some of your greatest influences and why?

Hello BuzzMusic! Thanks for having me!! I created the name Born Soul since I realized a gift through music. I collected all types of music from Soft Rock to Hip-Hop.  When I was a DJ in college, I got deeper into hip-hop music. I was intrigued by the way the beat and the sounds were put together to bring out the MC’s lyrics in the ’90s. I bought my first beat machine and began writing and producing these pre-production note pad segments. I really began to hone in on my skills when I decided to take music seriously and record my first demo. I needed a name so I came up with Born Soul due to the fact I had no mentor, no training, no guidance. I had raw skills, and the soul I was born with. There you have it, BORN SOUL! My greatest influences came from the “Dirty Backpack” era of hip-hop. Groups such as Souls of Mischief, A Tribe Called Quest, and Hieroglyphics influenced my lyrical delivery. These groups inspired me because they were different from the mainstream at the time, they were very complexed, and difficult to understand which made them pioneers of their styles. As an up and coming MC, I wanted to be different and stand out from the rest.

Let’s talk about this album “Bad Landz”. What was the major theme behind most of the songs on this project?

The idea behind the Bad Landz project was to record all the tracks first, then format the album like a movie soundtrack. Hopefully, I accomplished that.  All the songs stem from current situations and past situations, but every song on the album reflects situations I had to endure.

We noticed you showcased diverse sounds while remaining true to the hip-hop vibe of the project. What was the biggest influence of “Bad Landz”? 

I’m glad you all noticed the different vibes showcased in the album. With the sound of hip-hop changing literally every 6 months in my opinion, I wanted to make sure I stayed true to who I am as an artist and add some trendiness.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Bad Landz” and why?

The most challenging aspect of creating “Bad Landz” for me was mixing the album. As I mentioned before, I wanted to present the album with a movie soundtrack vide to it. I had to mix the album a certain way to create that vibe and it was very difficult.

What’s next for you Born Soul?

I would like to go on a 10-city tour, as well as perform at a few music festivals. With that said, Born Soul will continue to put in the hard work needed to accomplish this.



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