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“Boxed Feelings” Is A Visual Love Triangle By Tee Official

London, UK’s Tee Official, developed a love for music early. From age 10, he joined his school choir and, years later, went on to accompany his mother in the church choir as a vocalist and instrumentalist. This experience helped to shape his musical journey, and by his teenage years, he was writing his music.

His vocal skills, lyrical creativity, and vocal cadence are a few key aspects that set him apart from the rest. Creating but not limiting his projects to being in his comfort zone, he’s known to experience various realms while remaining authentically Tee Official.

“Boxed Feelings” is the latest release from Tee Official’s musical catalog. A wavy blend of enticing grooves and buoyant style, this is his debut in Hip-hop’s sub-genre of the drill.

From the jump, this track immerses you in the sonic destination Tee Official has set out for. Offering up eye-catching visuals that you can’t shy away from, we see Tee Official on a relationship mission of his own.

Caught up between his current love interest and another woman he has eyes on, we see a medley of memories that flood in from Tee Official and his present-day bond with the main woman in his life. As we hear him rap with tenacity, the perfectly timed lyrical motifs go hand in hand with the visuals on screen. There’s clearly tension between the two, and although he continues to sneak off with the apple of his eye, his partner recognizes his tells and quickly catches on to the games he plays.

Through this musical journey, we see Tee Official caught up in this love triangle and the conflict that comes with a decision of the heart. With there being feelings for the two women, we embark on a trip down memory lane as Tee Official recognizes the strain that this is causing his relationship. Making a choice to pursue the latter, the intensity that comes with this decision has us floored and grateful we stuck around for the drama, passion, and life choices that will shape a new destination.

Allowing a different side of him to resonate through his music, Tee Official has a knack for creating a distinctive sound that intrigues and transports his listeners – especially in “Boxed Feelings.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tee Official, and congratulations on releasing the music video for “Boxed Feelings.” We love the concept that you put together, as each scene catches our attention in a different way. What inspired the concept for this music video?

What inspired the concept of the video was my real life. The song and visuals were set to match aspects of my past relationship and my actions in the relationship. There are some things I can’t take back, but coming up with the visual concept and executing it, will be my reminder never to repeat such mistakes (and hopefully a lesson and reminder for other people too).

Could you please share a glimpse into what the energy was like on set? How long did it take for you to shoot this video?

The energy was amazing! It made the shoot run smoothly, from working with beautiful models to having the director have the same vision as me. I was surprised we managed to get it all done in 4 hours. I had to imagine the two models were the significant people the track referred to. The only difficulties I had with the shoot were, shooting during a heat wave & trying to stay in character.

What’s it like working out of your home studio versus going to the studio to create? Do you find that this plays into your creative process?

I prefer recording in my home studio more than I do in an actual studio, but truth be told, it depends on the kind of song and vibe I’m going for. For a song like this, I was in my headspace, reminiscing about my ex. It felt right to record at home, where I could get the emotion out. My previous songs were recorded in a studio, but they give off a different energy.

Your lyrics are so descriptive and paint quite the picture. Are all of your songs based on true stories, or is there an image that speaks to them?

Every song of mine is based on real-life aspects. Whether it be real-life activities or occurrences or even just thoughts I’ve had before, it’s music, so you have to be creative with it and display it in a way that people can take it in. Sometimes, you have to add a bit of salt and pepper to it. However, it’s all based on something within my reality.

What's next for you?

Now that I’ve completed the "Boxed Feelings" project, it’s time to go back to keeping Tee 100% Official. Time to give the fans the side of me they enjoy listening to. They weren’t expecting to hear of a project like this after I released Area Boyz, but I’ve got something ready for the people.


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