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“Boys On Bikes” By Sierra Savage Is Defining A New Genre In Pop

Southern California native Sierra Savage is a ‘young pup’ in the music industry and is coining the genre ‘heroin pop’ meaning she tries to make you float with the sound of her voice. Curating a raspy voice and raw unfiltered lyrics standing out before her messy hair and big eyes, Sierra is already hitting the ground running having only just started performing in August, and has released a few singles, done some podcasts/radio interviews, and sold out a few shows. Sierra works closely with producers Aj Jenkins and Drew Bland who are creating two separate EP’s with her, one being ‘Boys on Bikes’ that was created with Drew out of pure fun and the pair just really wanting to make a power trash pop track.

Haunting, twisty and lively are just some of the ways to describe “Boys on Bikes”. What a way to define a new genre with the addicting tones and sensual vocals that are found in this track that is so alluring. The overall style of this song and the vocals reminds me of older Lady Gaga songs that have that unique and eerie sound that draws audiences in for a closer listen. Filled with descriptive lyrics, “Boys on Bikes” gives you a real picture of the kind of bike she’s fond of, along with the intensity of passion and love that is being portrayed throughout the track. I love the soft yet raspy tone of Sierra’s voice mixed with different vocalized techniques such as the lower registered sections to emphasize “I like my boys on bikes” and each different vocal tone gives “Boys on Bikes” finesse and depth. I can picture this song being played at multiple dance clubs, getting the room jumping with the addicting beats and tons of people singing along to the catchy lyrics. If you love eerie, out there songs that make you feel like you aren’t so different, but yet a unique creation, then this is a song for you!

Give a listen to "Boys on Bikes" here, and continue reading for Sierra's exclusive interview!


Hey Sierra! What a fantastic voice you have! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Hey thanks! Well, I’ve just kinda started this crazy journey in August of last year. I use to work at this bar called The Red Door where they had a music night every Monday. My boss, who ran the event, had opened for Elton John and Prince back in his day and knew I kinda sang, He suggested I go up there and sing something, so I messed around with that, singing the usual Valerie and Ain't No Sunshine after a shift. It wasn't until people started coming up to me after and asking yo, why aren't you doing this? That I began to take it seriously. I've always grown up performing, doing one crazy thing or another like stilt walking or burlesque dancing. I like picking random things ups and getting into them and moving onto the next once I'm bored. Music is something I just haven't gotten sick of yet, like in the slightest. So, I'm just gonna keep doing that cuz I'm really happy.  

What draws you to write new music and how did you first find your passion for song writing?

I guess I wouldn't call it a draw as much as it is a need. A majority of the time when I'm going through something, writing and singing about it is what helps. My passion for song writing definitely comes from seeing my inspirations and favorites create such a cathartic experience and project that it's always motivating to want to do the same. At the same time, I'm starting to play with the concept of "what would it be like to write in the mind space of so-and-so," which is kinda of where Boys on Bikes stemmed from. it's a total 360 degrees from my first two tracks Man of the Game and L.Aimless. 

What is the meaning behind “Boys on Bikes”?

Boys on Bikes is pretty on the surface fun when it comes to the meaning haha. This track is super inspired by Gaga and I love that her stuff is very sexually driven and bold yet simple. But, I definitely like Boys on/with Bikes. If I were with friends sitting at a restaurant and a bike rode by, I use to chase after it (which has happened). Or at a stop light in my car and a bike pulled up next to me, I'd definitely roll the window down and tell them to pull over. I love adrenaline rushes and usually men with bikes love to finesse, which I'm also a fan of in a man. 

How did you create such a unique song and what does your creative process look like?

Boys on Bikes was a super random and fun track my producer Drew and I were playing with. We just really wanted to make a power pop trash track.  I really wish I had a set and stone process haha, but it’s definitely different every time. My first two songs  came to fruition a few years ago when I didn't have a radio in my car and was singing randomness to myself on the long drives. I'd throw up my voice memo's or notes and record. A genius musician friend of mine listened to them and kinda arranged it for me. I've also been able to just write to something a producer has sent me or what we've created from scratch, it's always different. 

What’s next for you in 2019?

I'm currently working on my first EP right now with my producer Aj Jenkins, who is such a phenomenon and I'm incredibly lucky to have in my corner. I'm also working on a visual for my first single L.Aimless with Allen Falcon at Birdcage Studios along with some side projects like YouTube covers and other collabs. I'd like to take a break on shows just to focus on finishing the EP but if I'm offered, then I'm definitely going to do it. 


Catch Sierra Savage via her Instagram and Twitter.


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