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Brace Yourself For Severe FOMO After Watching Sahati’s New Music Video

Toronto-based Kosovan recording artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Sahati returns to portray the oddities and thrills of a night out in her latest single and music video, "For Tonight."

The 19-year-old recording artist has already made waves with her unique creations, blurring the lines between new-wave and classics, grrrl-riot punk and indie, Albanian and English. She's already performed at a handful of iconic venues while making notable appearances like opening for Dua Lipa at Sunny Hill Festival in 2022.

Back and ready for a thrill, Sahati graces us with a new kind of sound, delving into a dreamy electronic dance soundscape with her latest single, "For Tonight." It's an infectious tune that's accompanied by a surreal music video, giving you a POV look at a lively night party where everyone and anyone is indulging in their vice of choice.

Diving deeper into the new music video for "For Tonight," the scene kicks off with Sahati cruising in the backseat of a taxi, wind blowing through her hair, looking as unfazed as ever. The red lighting gives the atmosphere a darker, more mysterious, and sexual tone, which carries over to the party.

Sahati perfectly portrays the unpredictability, FOMO, and good vibes of a night out in this vibe-heavy music video directed by Nathan Lau. She brings the grace and composer of Dua Lipa with the edgy alternative stylings of Lorde; all brought to life in her magnificent performance that makes you crave a good night out with friends.

Forget your stressors at the door and let loose with the FOMO-inducing music video from Sahati and Nathan Lau, "For Tonight." Find the single on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Sahati. We're ready to hop in a taxi and head down to the party after watching your new music video for "For Tonight." What inspired you to create this lush and vibrant electronic track, to begin with?

Thank you for having me again! This track was definitely inspired a lot by the nightlife that surrounded me this summer, especially back home in Kosovo. A lot of the time, I see people my age looking for the next party to go to, including myself, but more often a place to forget their lives for a bit rather than to meet new people or learn more about themselves, and seeing this shift of energy from the daytime jobs to night is fascinating to me. Once the sun is down, everything becomes a bit more vulnerable, and people seem to be more willing to risk some more stuff, take a step further, and open up. I love that a lot, so I wanted to encapsulate this feeling of impulsivity and youthfulness in this track.

What was your experience formulating the electronic production for "For Tonight?" Was it enjoyable to broaden your horizons and explore this different sonic world?

Definitely, I’ve been wanting to work with different producers besides myself because being in the early stages of my musical career gives me a lot of space for new ideas and experimentation, especially with producing. I still haven’t found a clear spot of where I want to be genre-wise, and honestly, it would be ideal if I won’t stay in one place. We’re definitely straying away from boxing artists into one label nowadays, so in contrast to my last release, which was an indie-rock project, I wanted to try a more dance-pop sound. This desire was ignited by watching Dua Lipa’s performance at the festival I got to play in this summer, and together with Labinot Sponca and Enes Bajramliqi, we were able to bring this pop-infused vision to life.

What was your goal for the "For Tonight" music video? What sort of scenes and vibes did you want the video to capture?

Essentially I wanted to capture the chaos and messiness of being around party people but also how a good time doesn’t have to be dependent on people. I talk about this a lot, but I really think we should all spend more time with ourselves. There’s no other way to truly find out what you like, and once you learn to enjoy your own presence, you can make any place and situation a party for yourself. It’s lit as hell in my head. Anyways, together with Nathan Lau, the director of the music video who is also such an incredible person to work with, we decided that the party scenes should have little odd elements to them. So besides people dancing and partying, you can see someone throwing up tiny babies, someone snorting glitter in a bedroom while someone else gets slapped across the table. It’s a great time.

What do you want your audience to experience when watching the "For Tonight" music video? How did you want these visuals to make them feel?

I want them to feel that adrenaline you get when you’re getting ready to go out to something you’re excited about. You don’t know where the night will take you, and that’s so thrilling. It’s getting chillier outside, so you layer up, your phone is charged, you have your transit pass in case you wanna leave, you know you’ll meet up with people you like, and you just go with the flow for the rest of the night.


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