BRAND NEW MUSIC: Maddy Carty Has You Feeling Charmed In Recent Single "Shout The Loudest"

From London, UK, we bring the BuzzMusic community singer/songwriter Maddy Carty. Maddy has already released the album "Come and Get It", which introduced an addicting tone and rhythm to the listener. From here, we knew we were a fan of Maddy's music, and continued to dive deeper with her sound. If we had to categorize Maddy's music, we would say it acquires elements of various genres, which is truly the best kind of blend you can receive from an artist. Maddy incorporates old-school R&B tones with eclectic pop rhythms in order to create music that is purely unique to the listener. Maddy's music comes off as courageous, sophisticated, and overall integrates a genuine sanguine atmosphere. Her recent release, "Shout The Loudest", will have you wanting to shout with passion, as Maddy takes her listeners on a buoyant ride with her sound. 

Maddy Carty has an undeniably sultry and alluring appeal in her latest track "Shout The Loudest". Released today, Maddy showcases the utmost confidence in her music that not only makes it incredibly catchy, but gives listeners a sense of dominance throughout the track. "Shout The Loudest" is strong and empowering--we can only assume that Maddy's performances are absolutely electric! The chorus rings "Giving you too much for too long, you aren't gonna win the battle", exhibiting Maddy's strength to rid herself of people and/or elements that take and take from her. "Shout The Loudest" is uplifting, and we couldn't have imagined a better artist to spread their courage and honesty better than Maddy Cartydid in the single. 

Be sure to discover Maddy's "Shout The Loudest" here, and continue reading for the artists interview!

Hey Maddy! Great to have you on BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your recent release! Tell our readers a bit about yourself as an artist!

Well I've been writing and singing since I can remember. Music was always a big part of my life, and I grew up on a really eclectic range of music so I've been influenced by lots of different artists, but I was always really into lyrics over genre. I think I have a pretty soulful sound but I've always found it hard to fit myself into a specific genre tick box! I just love telling stories and being honest through my songs. Also, I'm lucky to be able to work with other talented people and just see where the music takes us. 

What lyrics in “Shout The Loudest” would you say is the most impactful for the meaning of the song and why?

Oooh that's a tricky one! I think my favourite part of the song is the middle 8, so "my dissatisfaction, is becoming a dissatisfaction will create a reaction." I just like the attitude and strength in those lines. It's basically saying, you won't get away with it, and it feels like a real rebellion. 

Did you feel that the message you integrated within "Shout The Loudest" was easily portrayed to listeners?

I hope so! I think it's quite a relatable theme. Someone mistreating you, but you finding the power and standing up for yourself and for others. I think it's relevant to a lot of things going on today like the me too movement and fighting for women's equality. It's calling out misogyny and things like coercive control and saying 'we will be heard'.  

Knowing your music is heavily reflected on your personal life experiences, what are some challenges you may face in writing a song? Has it ever been tough for you to channel in certain emotions?

I always make a joke at my live shows about the fact that I'm not the master of happy! My songs tend to be angry, or sad or somewhere in between! I have a couple of happy songs but they are definitely too rare! I guess music can be a form of therapy and maybe that's just what comes out when I write, but I would like to add a few more upbeat numbers to my setlist. I'm not miserable in real life, I promise, just in my songs!

I think I just write about things that make me feel something, so my songs can be political, or social commentary or very personal. Just depends on the day! 

Are you planning on releasing any more singles throughout the rest of 2019?

I have a few more tracks in the pipeline and I would like to release another track before the end of year and keep the momentum going. I'm really excited to be working with 418 music for 'Shout The Loudest' because I know they work hard for their artists, so I want to jump on that opportunity and run with it! I also write for other people so have things coming out in between which is always a bonus too. 


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