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Brandon Flippen Creates A Musical Color Wave In The Song “Seam”

Indie musician, Brandon Flippen, is on a mission to create artistic music that allows all audiences to connect with it on a deep and personal level. His passion for piano and pop rock sounds influenced his voice among sounds that reflect those of The Fray, Keane, and OneRepublic. This artist feels as though he has a responsibility to share all that he creates in hopes that his art helps others! Brandon Flippen’s debut album The Passionate Mind is an artistic display of various experiences, creating vibrant colors of emotion and vulnerability. I'm taking a closer listen into track #4  “Seam”.

Before I looked at the artistic video of this song, I needed to listen to is first. I really got that sense of colorful emotion. I felt the color indigo the entire song with bits of bright light added in and out throughout the song. I really love how I was able to feel that by this song. His voice is has a mesmerizing aura to. It lulls you into the vivid series of emotions throughout what I would call a ballad. When I saw the creative video, I instantly knew what I felt and the image I painted in my mind was right! It is definitely a creation in itself and one you would have to see! I commend this artist for stepping outside of the box and creating visuals within a song and outside of it. Bravo!

Paint pictures in your mind and check out "Seam" here. Read more about Brandon Flippen in our exclusive interview below!

Hello Brandon, it's great to chat with you! Would you kindly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey thanks so much for having me, I really appreciate it. My name is Brandon Flippen and I am an indie artist based out of Minnesota.

What was it that swayed you into becoming an artist?

Finding myself (as I still am) has always been synonymous with my artistry. I think performing, singing, writing were all safe havens for my thoughts and emotions and so in my attempts to find where I fit into this world, the artist in me has always been my loudest voice.

Can you tell us about the meaning and inspiration behind your new song "Seam"?

Seam is a song that’s sort of shrouded in mystery and is written this way very intentionally. I’ll be honest the meaning I had behind it when I first wrote it a few years ago is not the same meaning I find in it now so I hope anyone who listens to it can derive their own meaning in whatever way it hits them. If I were to give you just an overarching theme about my meaning, I’d say this song is about potential. 

We loved the music video for "Seam"! What was your vision behind the video?

Well thank you, I appreciate that! The music video for Seam came about through collaboration with another artist honestly. I described the very small details of pretty much every aspect of the song to an animator, and they created something beautiful out of it. I honestly can’t take any of the credit though because I really wanted her to create something authentic to the way the song hit her, and this was the result!

Brandon, what can your fans and our readers expect next from you?

I am currently working on my next album and hope to have it finished and released by either late 2019 or sometime in 2020!! In the meantime I post covers and some other random stuff on YouTube, so feel free to search “Brandon Flippen” and subscribe to my channel!


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