Brazilian Singer Songwriter Erika Releases New Single "Guy With A Halo"

Brazilian singer songwriter Erika releases a groovy, funky jam titled “Guy With A Halo”. A bluesy sound with a lot of soul and a Motown feel, this single is a vibe on its own. The precise instrumental playing alongside Erika’s appealing vocals is the powerful combination needed to carry a song to victory like a running back carrying a football! Erika is a self-taught singer which requires plenty of patience, significant amount of determination and a ton of commitment. A hard-working individual, Erika has proved to not only herself but to us as well, the years of her educating herself on her vocal fords was worth it due to the exceptionally great jam she gave us! Erika been always in awe with the whole blues, jazz, and soul-esque music, incorporated the different musical influences effortlessly with her band in Guy With A Halo”. A coffee-shop vibe with a detailed voice, Erika infused all of her personality traits alongside her talent into this single which makes it memorable.

We had a chance to talk with Erika to find out what's coming up next! Don’t forget to check out “Guy With A Halo” and connect with his soulful, poetically passionate singer on her social media!

Erika, knowing that you grew up in a musically inclined household and environment, do you feel music is something naturally a part of your personality?

I absolutely do. When I was a kid I would always see my uncles and aunts singing, playing, dancing... There are plenty of artists in my family, not only in music, but also in painting, acting, crafting... It was no challenge for me to be in touch with music and other forms of art at a very early age and that still lingers.

What’s so replenishing about blues music and why?

Brazil is not a very “bluesy” country... We’re much more involved with bossa nova, samba, so I was able to have a deeper connection with the blues music when I lived in Seattle, about 8, 10 years ago... I was immediately in love. You know, being far from home and friends can be very challenging, so I would often get really homesick and found comforting to listen to some blues. It was kinda like “you’re not alone, Erika... Have some Scotch and dig deep into your sadness”. And it amazes me how simple and strong it is, and how raw and honest you can be when talking and singing about your fears, losses, about love falling apart, about falling in love again... All the suffering turns into poetry, and that even helps us cope with all the pain... I consider myself a super sensitive person, and the blues music speaks a lot about my truth.

What sets you apart from other artists? What is your most special individualistic trait that you’re equipped with?

I believe music is not about competition... I try to get the most out of other artists so I can build the best version of me, both musically and as a person as well. I wouldn’t say this sets me apart from other artists, but I’m self-driven and totally a believer. Also, I was born and raised in Brazil, so mixing different beats along with the vintage influence of classic rock and blues brings some really interesting sounds, and that’s just me. I’m plural, I like experimenting and mixing and messing things up. My music says so much about my personality, and how rewarding it is to grow and to learn through art. I’ve done so many different things in life for a living... I used to be an English teacher, I have worked as a journalist, and even though I felt quite happy doing those things nothing compared to what I feel when I’m on stage or writing a song or just surrounded by music... Songwriting is still new for me (and I believe it will always be), but that’s the kind of butterflies I like keeping in my stomach.

What’s next for you Erika?

I’m going back to the studio this week to finish recording my next single. It’s called “Fantastic People” and has a big influence of soul and funk music. I also have a very busy schedule until the beginning of December, then I’ll go to São Paulo, also for work. My new EP will be released on the first quarter of 2019 and I cannot wait to show it to you guys.

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