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Break Barriers with Soheill's Heavy Hitting Single, "Behave"

Over the past few years, Soheill has transformed himself and his sound while staying true to his rock roots. He has become enthralled by the use of synthesizers and drum programming in his production to echo his lyrical and melodic interpretations. Feeling as if a part of him was missing, he took his expression to his vision of being both a producer and performer, as he creates from his home studio in Nashville.

Taking our focus to the amplified essence of Soheill’s latest single “Behave,” we get to feast upon the sonic and visual representation that amalgamates to bring us the maximum serving of energy.

The sustaining guitar riffs have an edgy feel as they take us into the tightly knit percussion patterns emitting the rhythmic grooves for this record.

With Soheill portraying a vocal delivery that is hungry with the tone conveyed, we witness the narrative of “Behave” unfold before us. The filmic component allows us to see a repetitive cycle propelled through the screen as the protagonist is caught in the same mind-numbing routine that takes him from the break of dawn to the dusk skylines.

Going through the motions as if he were living out the age-old patterns displayed in Groundhog Day, we get to see him unleash from these shackles of life in order to break away from the normalcy that is holding him back. Dreaming of better days upon him, we can’t help but to feel the urgency this encourages not only ourselves, but viewers far and wide to take life by the helms and live your life to the fullest.

With this rock n roll anthem leading us to more than just another hard-hitting song by Soheill, we see just how his creative genius works with portraying a message so crucial for fans to grasp onto.

Congratulations on the brilliantly portrayed music video for “Behave.” With so many out there falling into the patterns that your visual component reiterated, what was the breaking point for you in creating something that reflected these motions?

Thank you! I think a lot of us are stuck in patterns, and we're not always aware of them.

I think for me, my breaking point happened when I was fed up with a job I was working at. I knew I wanted to live my life on my terms. I finally said to myself, "enough is enough" and made the changes I needed to make to get back on my path.

Could you please share a glimpse into what it was like filming the visuals for this piece? Were there any memorable moments on set that made this experience that much more rewarding?

Well, getting slapped by my girlfriend was definitely fun haha. We had to film that scene a bunch of times and people probably thought I was an abusive boyfriend. We shot this scene right outside of a bar, so you could imagine the kind of looks we were getting.

What are you hoping that your audience can take away from the themes and messages conveyed?

I hope this song can serve as a catalyst for change for whoever needs it. If you gotta go breaking stuff in your house to get to that conclusion, great. Just don't hurt anyone in the process.

Do you have any words of advice for your fans that may feel trapped inside of this never-ending cycle?

Always listen to your gut. Your gut is always right and you can try to fight it, but you'll most likely lose every single time.

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