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Break Free from Love's Spell With Fionn's Latest Single, "Let Me Go"

The powerhouse pop duo and sisters Fionn take us under their wing with an upbeat single and brilliant music video entitled "Let Me Go."

You might be familiar with the groovy stylings of Fionn, as the sisters' stylings have led them to collaborate with industry icons like Josh Ramsay while catching the attention of tastemaker press like American Songwriter and Billboard. With over a million Spotify streams, Fionn stops at nothing until their sound makes waves throughout our dynamic industry.

Diving into the single "Let Me Go," the song pierces our speakers with a gripping bassline and a dance-like beat. Emphasizing electro-pop's energy and life through the plucky and dense sonics, Fionn later enters the upbeat song with their sweet vocal stylings while depicting the downfalls of being caught under someone's spell.

Expanding on the music video, Fionn takes us back to the early 2000s with their various outfit changes, from pink high-waisted jeans to fringed long sleeve tops and colorful sunglasses. Not to mention their vast energy and chemistry while performing their upbeat choreography, it's hard to tell the sisters apart; however, this aspect makes the video all the more intriguing and appealing.

Catch the glimmering sounds of Fionn within their latest groovy single, "Let Me Go," and don't forget to check out the song's stimulating music video available on YouTube.

Hello Fionn and welcome to BuzzMusic. First off, we must note how impressed we are with the release of your brilliant and charismatic single, "Let Me Go." Where did the song's concept stem from? What inspired the song's theme?

When we started writing ‘Let Me Go’ with our collaborator Jared Maneirka, we were looking for a sad and angsty disco song. When he sent us a perfect moody upbeat track, the lyrics came out so quickly! The plotline of the song came from personal experiences we have had in the past that we were really able to connect to when we heard the dark disco beats.

Did you work alongside any songwriters or producers when creating your energetic single, "Let Me Go?"

Yes! We worked on this track with our talented friend Jared Manierka. We truly admire your theatrical performances within the music video for "Let Me Go."

What was the overall shooting process like? Did a director accompany you during the shoot?

The music video was directed by Lindsey Blane who also used her sewing talents to add the beautiful flowing white fringe on our sleeves during the outdoor scenes! We had a very small crew on set due to covid-19 and did all of our own stylings except for the gorgeous black sparkly dresses made by Kiarash Tarikhi from his line ‘King and Reign’. We hired a choreographer to help us come up with a dance routine, trying to give the video more drama and energy.

We've heard that you're working with Josh Ramsay again for your forthcoming EP. Could you enlighten our readers on what it's like to work with an industry icon like Ramsay?

Working with Josh has been a breeze! The three of us connected so quickly when we started writing together, and everything we made after that came out so naturally. We love his band and have always appreciated his talent!

What's next for you?

We’re releasing an EP on May 21st called ‘Candid Constellations’ filled with songs that helped lift us up during the Pandemic, and we hope that they can do the same for our listeners!



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