“Breaking Distance” Is a Positive and Productive New Single From Elamar

Elamar Edwards, born August 1st, 1990, is an artist and songwriter. He was born in a small village in Israel (Dimona, Israel) in which he was one of 25 other children in his family. With the rest of his family, Elamar attended The Brotherhood School in Dimona. Elamar first learned the arts at this school within studies of visual arts and music. However, he took more to music and greatly enhanced his music skill with the opportunity to sing and play music every day. Elamar learned many different music styles and skills, which lead him to create a genre he doesn’t even know how to describe. His latest single “Breaking Distance” does give me more of a pop vibe, yet it has a lot of creative flairs present by Elamar.

Breaking Distance” begins with smooth, gentle guitar chords that strum pleasing chords. It is very inviting to the listener, providing the feeling that anyone can pick up “Breaking Distance” and listen to it. Further on in the track, we are greeted with a nice acoustic drum set and a gentle bassline that really help solidify “Breaking Distance”. As the song moves throughout its structure, there are a lot of nice musical breaks and quieter parts that let the listeners' ears have a chance to regain strength and let Elamar’s vocals shine. Speaking of vocals, in “Breaking Distance”, Elamar’s voice really suits the type of instrumental in the background. It is soft, yet present, and it is unique in the fact that his tone is very inviting, just like the song. Furthermore, Elamar’s lyrics aren’t just about insignificant topics either. He often speaks of love and wanting to spread his love throughout his music. In “Breaking Distance”, we think Elamar did a really good job of creating a song that can be enjoyed by anyone, without losing any creativity.

Listen to "Breaking Distance" here.