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Breathtaking And Sultry Vocals Take Center Stage In Katana’s Latest “No Feelings”

Katana is back and better than ever, “No Feelings” is her latest release and we are blown away. Well known for her deep and sultry vocals, Katana stuns with her emotive lyricism and raw energy. An extremely versatile track, “No Feelings” is easily relatable, we’ve all been through the ups and downs of love and have been left scarred. It’s easy to put up a wall and be stone cold and lack emotion. Katana knows this better than anyone and demonstrates her expansive knowledge throughout “No Feelings”. The contemporary pop track “No Feelings” features undertones of soul and R&B. Katana puts her heart and vulnerability on display in the most pleasing fashion. We love everything we hear from Katana and we can’t wait to see where her future musical endeavors take her next! 

Based in London, UK, Katana is a gifted singer/songwriter always releasing new content. Born in Moscow, Russia, Katana moved to the UK to pursue her dream of becoming a successful singer. Katana has previously been compared to Amy Winehouse and Adele, if we could fuse the two together. At only 23 years old, Katana is able to transport her feelings and thoughts into her musical poetry, therefore establishing a mesmerizing mix of soul and rhythmic textures.

Check out “No Feelings” here and read more with Katana in our interview below! 

Welcome back Katana! Can you tell us more about how your passion for music originally developed?

I’m glad to be back! Well, It probably was always there, you know. Everyone has that one special thing that there are passionate about and destined to do. Music has been around in my life since I was born; my father is a musician and a very talented composer, and both of my parents are great singers. Especially my mother, I think her voice is angelic. So, since I can remember myself my parents would always involve me in listening to music of different kind, from Jazz to Hip Hop. I’m thankful to them for bringing music into my life.

We love your new song! Can you tell us more about “No Feelings”? What inspired it?

I started writing this song when I was dealing with depression, I needed to get my thoughts out of my head, but sharing it with someone was to hard. So, writing a song was a way to get it out of my system. However, I only finished the song recently, I guess i needed to look back and reflect on myself at that time to express what I actually felt. It’s funny, how all of my song are sad and dark, because I’m actually very happy at the moment. I guess, this is just what I want to share, it’s a stage of my life that I need closure from. I want to be brave and share this part of my life with people. I truly believe that we all have to be more honest and open with each other and not to be scared of saying the truth. I was hiding mine for way to long and it really hurt me.

How do you think your upbringing affects the music you create?

I think all the experiences that we have definitely affect the decisions we make and they way we act. For sure, all of my life affected my musical taste and they way I create music. Every time I create a new song I feel like it is better than the previous one. I am evolving and so does my music. 

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

As I said before, right now my music is dark and quite sad, but I hope that it will find its listener and connect to them in a special way. I’m sure, I’m not the only one who was, is and will be going through hard times and I hope my music will make other people more confident in opening up to others. I want my music to inspire others, make them feel and think.

Do you have any exciting events you’d like to tell us about? We’d love to hear more!

I’m very exited to announce that I’m currently working on my EP which does not have a title yet, but hopefully it will be out in September. I’m working very hard, trying to create something special and that will find its place in the music industry. I am a story teller and I hope my story will find its listener.


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