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Breezy Montana Is Giving Us Chill Vibes With "No Comin Back"

From Gary, In, Breezy Montana is a music artist that has a talent for hip hop and R&B

music. With a unique sound, versatility, and energy, Montana is winning the hearts of many listeners. In addition to being a talented musician, she is also a sound engineer having an ear for her unique sound in music. Since she was 6 years old, Breezy had a dream of becoming a rap artist, and by the time she reached 13 years old, she was writing her own rhymes and lyrics.

An intro of a what seems like a soft whimsical toy piano contrasts with the hard beats

that come in with the first verse. Montana brings her artistic vision into this track with her cool

flow and catchy rhymes. A certain amount of darkness is mixed with a sense of confidence in

herself. We see Breezy and her talents not only stopping at her lyrics and vocals but also the

production and sound of the track itself. The track is crisp and punchy giving it the right vibe and

image for the listener. The verses are moving and have a good line especially with the pounding

electronic bass. Well rounded in her trades, Breezy is sure to have a spot on your playlist.

Add "No Comin Back" to your playlist here, and get to know Breezy Montana through our interview below!

How would you describe your signature sound?

My signature sound is aggressive but also some what melodic. It’s evolving everyday sometimes I surprise myself.

What prompted you at such a young age to be a rap artist?

My daddy was a rapper and my step father was into music as well. My dad got locked up when I was young so my step father was most active in my life. I would just watch him and it was amazing to me the passion that went into it and how happy it made people. I would always wanna impress him so I would make lil raps then rap em to him, hoping he would put me on a song with him or record me. I always felt like I was a really powerful rapper and I wanted to be powerful. music is power.

How did you get into sound engineering?

Around the age of 8 is when my step father got involved in my life. He was a producer, engineer and a rapper. He would let me sit in with him while he worked or I’d clean up and after he died I just kept working wit it and teaching myself. I feel like he’s still watching me with everything I do. So it’s like I’m still tryna make him proud. 

What does “No Comin Back” mean to you?

“No Comin Back” means I’m not goin back to what broke me mentally. it’s a reminder to my self to stay focus out here. 

What influenced you to write this song?

I made “No Comin’ Back” when I was in a transition in life. I was goin through depression, I was hanging wit the wrong crowd entertaining the wrong women, and I just kept gettin hurt and fucked over. A lot of negativity was surrounding me and one night my daddy called me and basically was tellin me tighten up out there. You got way too many friends, you got way to much goin on and that ain’t even you. Get yo mind right you a boss. He gave me some Free Game and I decided to share it. 

Favorite lyric from the song?

“When you speak, speak with purpose” why? Because it’s a reminder that everything I think, say, and do has a manifestation behind it. 

What can we expect from you through 2019?

I got a lot of dope music coming in 2019, a lot of dope visuals, a variety of different sounds and so much more. I’m excited. Might even be directing a short film this year so yeah, I’m geeked! 


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