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Bri Raises Her "Frequency" With a Scorching Hot Release

Coming in hot from Brooklyn, the R&B Singer/Songwriter and Rapper Bri releases a darkly-lit track with heightened vibes through her recent hit, "Frequency."

Inviting listeners into her life experiences through her music, Bri sings of themes surrounding love, spirituality, and infinite presence. Through vulnerability, Bri is able to raise her vibration and wow her audience while doing so. 

Through her latest hit, "Frequency," Bri reaches deep into her psyche to tell her truths of life and raising her frequency to become a better version of herself. Through the song's natural ambiance with downtempo drum patterns and meticulous arrangement, the song's atmosphere is deep, sultry, dark, and naturally intrigues any listener who stumbles upon this irresistible piece. 

"Frequency" begins with atmospheric and filtered drum patterns that meet with the profound beat drop, adding fire to the song's sonics. Once the intense beat drops alongside Bri's poised and confident bars, the song instantly sets sail into heat. We love her raw and calming vocal delivery, as Bri continues to rap at a more relaxed pace, which allows listeners to feel her natural dominance and authority she organically exudes. 

The song's overall production is rather intriguing, as the dark vibes and mellow approach allow Bri's bars to be the song's fierce focal point. Rapping about raising her frequency and continuing on her upward journey, we love how Bri infused this concept of spirituality while also getting playful with bars like "phone me, why your shawty phone me? She wanna f**k out in public." 

Overall, Bri has shown immense talent through her atmospheric and dominant single, "Frequency." Encouraging her audience to delve into spirituality and find their purpose, Bri leads by example with her continuous spiritual endeavors that raise her vibration higher and higher. 

Listen to "Frequency" here.

Hello Bri and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the overall atmosphere and vibes you deliver with your single, "Frequency." What inspired you to take a darker and more intense tone with this single?

"Frequency" was the very first song I’ve ever recorded, but I knew that I wanted to project my truest authentic self through the beat without imitating any of the sounds you often hear in today’s music. The beat alone feels so multi-dimensional and full of vibrant emotion, almost like I’m in another world. A world where I can shape my reality however I please. In this world, I am a star and I want to show it.

Why did you want to create a song that touches on spirituality with "Frequency?" Did you want to encourage listeners to explore their spirituality

I was literally in a space in my life where I just felt free. I was tapping into my self more than ever, embracing every passing moment in full and surrounding myself with genuine, loving energy. It required a lot of solitude and introspection, but I did it so much that it became a habit, and my sense of awareness just kind of heightened! It was a “high” that I never wanted to come down from. With ‘Frequency’, I wanted to hold onto that feeling. Simply soak in this place of abundance and share it. I’m pretty much saying “this is how it feels when you truly raise your vibration and dedicate to it.” I want to encourage my listeners to do the same.

Speaking on the heated production within "Frequency," did you have any producers help execute your sonic vision? How did you formulate the sonics to offer such intense and dark vibes?

Honestly, the production was already set! Treymon did an extensive job curating this intense, futuristic beat; leaving a beautifully cosmic sensation. With his help, I was able to project the ambient vibe that I was going for but making you bounce at the same time. It’s really a lowkey bop.

How can listeners get to know you and your brand better through songs like "Frequency"? Would you say that you usually create pieces regarding the spiritual journey to infinite presence and awareness?

Yeah, I normally aim towards creating music that speaks to the individual listening. I want them to grasp the nature of who they truly are and feel free to express themselves in every way. My other songs correlate with that objective as well. You know, life has a way of knocking us all down when it’s time. But, if you remain resilient, take a moment to breathe, and acknowledge your process, things will come back together. I just want to encourage my audience to continue rising. You can only be great once you dedicate your time and energy to bettering yourself.

What can listeners expect to hear next from you?

Ahhhh, definitely more music! I feel like I’m finding my sound and connecting to my purpose more and more each day. You can expect to feel a sense of empowerment and playfulness in my music. There will always be a message to reflect on, wrapped in a production that you can bop to. My music is rooted in spirituality, but I make it fun!



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