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Brian Jarvis’ Powerful Vocals Will Give You Chills In “Anyone At All”

Hailing from New England, singer/songwriter Brian Jarvis captivates listeners with his emotive lyricism and passionate delivery. Being previously compared to the likes of David Gray and Matt Nathanson, Brian Jarvis’ compelling vocals are only a fraction of his overwhelming skill-set. For the past 6 years, Brian has been touring the country in support of several well known acts within the sing/songwriter genre. 

Released earlier this year, the EP titled “Anyone At All” have been making waves in the music industry. This EP features a track of the same name that I’m playing on repeat! “Anyone At All” truly accentuates Brian’s harmonically-rich vocals and talented songwriting ability. An emotive anthem “Anyone At All” is a song to belt out when you’re feeling down, or a song to turn all the way and escape to. “Anyone At All” gives the listener a retrospective look at Brian’s inner thoughts and feelings. He takes these emotions and turns them into spectacular and vulnerable poetry to share with the world. An admirable quality for an artist to have, Brian Jarvis makes music that’s easily relatable. He builds connections with his listeners and dedicated fans through his powerful life experiences. I highly recommend you check out this powerhouse of a track!

Listen to “Anyone At All” here!


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