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Brianna Corona Comes Out With New Single "broken letters"

Brianna Corona is a 19 year old Canadian pop artist. She’s well known for her powerful vocals and unique and timeless tone. Beginning vocal lessons at age 6, Brianna has an expansive sound well beyond her years. She’s been performing since she was 10 and  her incredible stage presence has taken her to many notable stages such as Danforth Music Hall, Toronto Centre for the Arts, Glenn Gould Theatre, CNE Bandshell, Celebration Square, Rib-Fest Festival and many more! Not only is Corona an accomplished vocalist but she taught herself to play piano and can play the guitar and ukulele. Her songwriting skills led Brianna to release her first original song in 2016 titled, “Brightside”. In February 2019 she launched back into the music scene with another original, “African Violet” and most recently released, “broken letters”.

This spectacular single “broken letters” starts off strong with Brianna Corona’s incredible and radiant vocals. The pop synths are well produced and fit perfectly with  Brianna’s melodious voice and poetic lyrics. “broken letters” is a broken-hearted love ballad, you can hear the aching memories in Brianna’s vocals. My favorite lyric “Still wearing your sweater” really resonates with me and it’s proof that Brianna is able to connect and relate to her audience in a sincere way. There’s an arrangement of catchy back-beats that keep the track flowing and alluring. At only 19 years old, Brianna Corona is able to write emotionally-rich lyrics and perform them effortlessly with mesmerizing harmonies and tones. I love the echoing and fading elements at the very end of the piece “broken letters”. It’s proof that every detail of the song was extremely well produced and well written. Brianna’s vocal range in “broken letters” sets her apart from other pop artists in a big way. She’s currently working on an EP, set to be released late summer 2019 and were counting down the days!

Listen to "broken letters" now on Spotify, and check below for Brianna's interview with BuzzMusic!

Hi Brianna! Can you start by telling us more about yourself and your upbringing?

I grew up in a family of 5, but with very close relatives. Family has always been the most important around me. I was raised in an environment where musical involvement was encouraged, but not exactly popular. No one else in my family sings or has attempted to pursue music. Still, at the end of the day, my parents have always been supportive of whatever makes their kids happiest. I was always a bit more of an introvert, which may have also pulled me towards things like music & fitness to let my emotions out. When I’m not singing or working, you can probably find me out on a run! But after high school I developed a very practical point of view and I decided I would keep music as a hobby. Going to post-secondary made me realize how much I missed doing what I love. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I decided to finally put my all into music. I think that having grown up with the discipline and education that I did, I’ll be able to take on whatever this path brings me.

Is “Broken Letters” inspired by real events in your life?

Yes, broken letters was actually written when I was reflecting upon a problematic relationship. At the time, I was feeling a bit drained from pouring my heart into something that wasn’t working out very well. I knew that I was missing how things used to be with this person, but I didn’t know why things were so different. For me, the main idea behind “broken letters” is the outcome of a lack of communication. That was the biggest issue, and such an important factor in any relationship. “I can’t understand it, understand you anymore”, as I say in the pre-chorus, was truly how I felt about things at the time.

What’s your writing process like?

Almost any time I’m feeling inspired, emotional, or not really my normal self, I write down my thoughts or begin a melody on the piano. I don’t actually sit down and decide I’m going to write a song. I think the best songs begin from a spur of the moment, whether it’s based off of an experience or just a feeling. Once I have a line or melody, I pretty much just let my ideas run wild and go with the flow. I’ll record voice memos and edit parts of the song. It’s usually super late at night that I’m writing, and I’ll stay up hours working until I have almost a whole song (roughly done). My biggest concern is that I want to make sure I’m expressing the message or emotion that I started with.

What artists inspire you?

There are so so many artists I could name as influences and favourites. But I’d say some of the one’s that inspire me most are Jessie J, Sia, The 1975, H.E.R, and Troye Sivan. What I love about these artists is that they’re just so true to their style of music and the soul they put into it. Their writing is incredible in such different ways, with powerful and relatable messages.

Can you give us a hint to how many new songs will be on your EP this summer?

Let’s just say I’m aiming for a small collection of stories, one to listen to roughly each week day! I really can’t wait to share more music with people, hopefully making an impact like I know lots of music has on me.



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