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Brianna Musco Gets Cryptic in, "Nobody Needs to Know"

New York artist Brianna Musco is known best for her alternative spin on the current pop scene. Her motivation is strong and she takes her youthful influence from notorious Alt/Pop artists, such as Halsey, Fletcher, and Verite. Such influences and styles can be heard in Brianna Musco's latest release, "Nobody Needs to Know," which features a compelling, lustful storyline that leaves listeners in even more curiosity than when they began listening.

"Nobody Needs to Know" immediately opens with dramatic, ethereal synths that are able to construct this mystic and ominous-like atmosphere. Brianna Musco is a powerhouse, and it's heard right away once her vocals are infused into the melody. She's straightforward with her approach, and that's where that potent confidence comes from. She plays around with her vocal intensity in a strategic way, showing listeners the limitless boundaries of her sound.

"Nobody Needs to Know" ventures through the complications that arise from love and lust, listeners are able to see through Brianna's eyes and understand her mind more thoroughly when it comes to her own affections. There's a curiosity that inevitably strikes as one listens to her lyrics, and it's safe to say that listeners may be left with some unanswered questions.

"Nobody Needs to Know" proved to be a dramatic storytelling experience by Brianna Musco, which displayed her vulnerabilities, hidden truths, and obvious talents in a complementary way.

What was your favorite aspect of this song and can you elaborate more on what this release means to you? My favorite aspect of this song is the lyrics. I wanted to create a song that showcased the idea of finally finding your "person" that uplifts you and supports you no matter what. Anxiety plays a major role in our lives and this song is based on the idea of having someone love you unconditionally and understand those parts about you without making you feel less or feel like a burden. There was some obscurity within "Nobody Needs to Know", which the title itself insinuated for listeners. Can you dive deeper into the meaning of the song, and if the song was based on true anecdotes? Personally, this song was inspired by a relationship with someone different from the traditional suburban boyfriend/girlfriend mentality of my hometown. I found myself at peace and safe with this person for the first time in my life after years of crippling anxiety. When I began singing, I was so nervous that my truth would hinder my ability to grow as an artist due to online hate. This person and I would joke about how it would be a crime for me to speak my truth in over 50 countries but I am very happy and very grateful that all of my friends and family have been so supportive as I slowly begin to reveal the real me through my music. What are some elements to your music that you believe set you apart artistically from other artists? I believe my lyrics and messages set me apart from other artists. We all write about similar topics, I try to make it as unique as possible to my own experiences and then have an incredible time bringing those memories to life. Do you see your future music falling in line with what listeners received in "Nobody Needs to Know?"

Yes, my debut EP consisting of 4 additional songs all have that alt-pop vibe with fun harmonies and instrumentation.

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