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Brianna Musco Taps Into Her Vulnerability In Her Latest Heartfelt Single, "Never Stay"

Multi-instrumentalist Singer and Songwriter, Brianna Musco immerses us in her sultry and charismatic new single, “Never Stay.”

Originally from New Jersey but currently based out of New York City, the “Never Stay,” artist continues to open herself up to her fans while reigning in an outpour of success from the single.

"Never Stay" is a song that Brianna Musco wrote in order to bring attention to topics that tend to go overlooked. She wrote this song hoping to connect with her fans on a deeper more personal level, as she says this is the first song she has created where she has allowed herself to feel vulnerable. 

“Never Stay,” is a sensual Pop hit that brings Brianna Musco to a higher level in her career as her vulnerability speaks to all of us with the delicate topics she touches on and the passion she exudes.

“Never Stay,” immediately begins with darker Pop elements in the keys played and the haunting reverberated vocal that shines from the background. The elements radiated give us an early 2000’s ambiance as the instrumentation blends with the delivery Brianna Musco puts into place.

When the melodious vocals come forth, the power emanated and striking performance from Brianna Musco allows us to transport us to a bottomless head and heart space with her vulnerable lyrics scripted.

With each word penned and performed being accompanied by chambers like effects and sultry tones, we can’t help but see limitless potential from this up and coming artist.

Brianna Musco has the ability to add a new age twist to the bops she creates all while exposing her fans to a deeper side of her personally and artistically. She drives this record home with catchy rhythms that stay on our mind well after the song is completed.

After hearing “Never Stay,” we want to ensure that Brianna Musco always stays on the music scene with her fierce feminine vibes she brings to the table. This record is being added to the queue as we patiently await more from this talented artist.

Congratulations on the release of your single, “Never Stay.” We absolutely love this record and would love to know, what does, “Never Stay,” mean to you?

Thank you so much for having me and I am so happy you enjoyed my new single! "Never Stay" is the first song that I released where I finally didn't hold anything back. It is such a special track to me because it is exactly what I needed to say in order to cope with how I was feeling and I tried to explain it in a way that would resonate with my audience.

What moments inspired a song of this caliber?

Like everyone, we all have had toxic relationships and toxic people come into our lives. This specific song depicts the moment I realized that I did not have to depend on that person, that I was going to prove them wrong, and show myself that I am capable of becoming the person I want to be all on my own.

What have you noticed in terms of growth in yourself as an artist and individual from your first single to, “Never Stay”?

I have noticed my own personal growth as both an artist and a person. Realizing that speaking my truth could have such a positive reaction as opposed to releasing what I think people want to hear has been absolutely liberating. I haven't stopped writing and I have noticed an overall relaxed disposition since.

How important is it to you to be vulnerable with your fans when releasing music?

It is very important for me to be vulnerable with my fans because if the music isn't genuine, I know they will see right through it. I don't want to waste anyone's time, there are millions of incredible musicians all around the world. I hope to create music that can make individual people smile for those few quick minutes I have their attention for.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you?

Writing and releasing new music while also experimenting with fun visuals has definitely kept me motivated during 2020. I am so excited to release more behind-the-scenes content on my Youtube Channel, really impactful music videos, and of course some new bops musically.



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