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Brilliant Lyricist MiLynnna Drops “2000’s In A Bottle”

Residing in Fort Wayne, Indiana, MiLynnna is a gender fluid male and a new up and coming artist. MiLynnna doesn’t take lyricism lightly, but pours heart and soul into everything MiLynnna puts on paper and is adamant about being a wordsmith. The name MiLynnna is a nod to Mileena from Mortal Kombat, since MiLynnna's middle name is Lynn, the replacement felt right. Mileena is a villain that’s cloned from a princess, and will stop at nothing to dethrone her. Sometimes, MiLynnna is put into villainous positions and either tries to make light of it or put it into relatable music.

Hard-hitting new hip-hop track “2000’s In A Bottle” pays tribute to shows and movies like Law and Order, PowerPuff Girls, ET, and even SpongeBob. The quirky bars, addicting backbeat and overall good time vibe make this a timeless hit. “2000’s In A Bottle” is reminiscent of old school hip-hop but remains contemporary throughout. MiLynnna was sparked with creativity when the beat was created and it instantly took us all back to our childhood. Boasting a melodic, yet thunderous soundscape of hip-hop and marinated with an eclectic musical background, MiLynnna knows what the fans want to hear. I love the confidence, knowledge and excellence on “2000’s In A Bottle” and we can’t wait to see what MiLynnna delivers next! Stay tuned for the debut album, self titled “MiLynnna”, and be on the lookout for the second project, titled “BONKERS!” coming out this winter.

Check out “2000’s In A Bottle” here and keep scrolling for our interview with MiLynnna.

Hey MiLynnna! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself and how you got started? 

Well, I’m 18, I’m a Virgo/Libra cusp as my sun sign, and I’m vegan. I love/hate questions like this, because my existentialist mind goes crazy. Things like that are just surface me. With more discovery, one could see I’m multifaceted, multidimensional, and ever changing. I started seriously pursuing music in March of this year, but I’ve been writing since my freshman year of high school. I’ve always been a decent poet, and had a knack for being linguistically, and grammatically tactful. A wordsmith, thanks to my mother, who’s an English teacher. My family as a whole was very into Hip-Hop and R&B, so I figured I’d add a beat to some of my poems, and they became raps. After that, I just approached rap like poetry. 

Can you dive into the lyrics in “2000’s In A Bottle”? What does this track mean to you?

Regarding the chorus, I wanted to have a sense of slight sexual tension. ”Gimme that head, throw you over the sofa..” It was relatively prominent in music I heard growing up, and I wanted to put that in this song, since my overall goal was to express how I felt currently in time, but deliver it in a 2000’s way. I always feel like I’m under pressure, which is why I say, “...So they back me up in a corner, murder me, it’s Law and Order...” Some of it is self inflicted, and that’s just the Virgo in me, but I also know I’m held to a standard by everyone. This is almost like me venting on a track, oddly enough. There was a point in life where it felt as if everyone was telling me I’m too existentialist to allow others to form opinions, and that’s why I said, “When the stars are real bright, it’s a typewriter night, existentialist type, never left, and it’s right...” I’m either too much, or not enough. This track allowed me to express my stresses in a light hearted way. Although people try to over extend me, I’ll bounce back and continue on in greatness. However, it’s nothing SUPER deep. Just an overall fun track for me.

What was the writing process like?

Like most of my raps, I’m usually playing a beat over and over and I allow the beat to tell me what it’s experiencing. I then use my own experience to express what the beat wants. Other times, I know what I want to say, or what message I want to convey, so I apply that to a beat. Either way, I’m in my room with a beat on repeat. 

We love your authentic sound! Do you have any specific musical influences you pull inspiration from?

Thank you! I feel like if you put Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, and Rico Nasty, into a boiling cauldron, sprinkled in OutKast, and added a pinch of Lil Aaron, you’d get me. I’m just really into Hip-Hop, R&B, Indie R&B, Alternative, and Punk music.

What can we expect from your self titled project? When is it expected to be released?

From my self titled project, you can expect an introduction to MiLynnna. I’m considering all my musical bodies of work to be paragraphs of an overall “essay” so to speak. This is the introductory paragraph, and my thesis statement is: “This is me, authentically. I’m going with the flow of life, I have trouble from time to time, but I get better not bitter, and so should everyone. I’m learning more about my sound every time I go to record, and I’m just ridin’ the wave.” Oh.. my first project is ALREADY out on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube, so go peep it! 


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