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Bring Life To Your Emotions With Novaphasefive’s, “MORTAL HABITS”

Bringing you the definition of art heard within music, the personal expressions of Novaphasefive have us touring around his life's journey. Through the exploration of expanding in all realms of possibilities, each track produced gives you more than a sound; but an atmosphere.

From the creative vessel which comes to us in the form of an album titled, 'THE IMMORTAL DEDICATION,' our ears become fixated on the dreamscape known as "MORTAL HABITS." The immersive universe that we elevate towards has us submerging in a seamless blend of dark electronica.

Not definitive to one specific genre, there's protruding energy that overpowers your speakers as you take this eclectic piece to its full extent. Through a more impactful composition with the layers of imaginative elements prominent in the mix, a full-on world customarily to Novaphasefive naturally pulls us into its grippingly raw embrace. Filled with emotion and a longing sense to tap into the depth within ourselves, there's a thought-provoking essence that has our minds running wild as we take in "MORTAL HABITS."

Each reverberated tenor grazes our ears as it nuzzles itself into our souls and further initiates feelings of our own to surface this sentimental offering. With lyrical motifs like 'diamond coated skin, love the way you got me, hostage,' making a statement in this piece, it becomes apparent just how influential the poetic wording of Novaphasefive truly is.

We love how your signature sound brings out an array of emotions within us. What story or moment inspired the essence of "MORTAL HABITS?"

The inspiration for "MORTAL HABITS," I would have to say, came from someone special to me at the time. We had this fun, odd, and kinda underline romance about our relationship. It was definitely fun while it lasted.

How does this single tie into the entire concept of 'THE IMMORTAL DEDICATION?' Can listeners expect similar themes throughout the rest of the songs present on this album?

"MORTAL HABITS" is the embodiment of the album. To listen to the album and have this song in particular removed would leave a glass half empty half full sorta effect as for as the overall story goes for " THE IMMORTAL DEDICATION." As far as similarity amongst the songs in this album, though, they are all very different in various ways, the low-key atmosphere of "mortal distortion " or "human nature."

With each artist being their own creative genius, what happens to be your favorite part of the release process?

As for the release of my project, like any, it's simple, really. I like the moment from fans I get. I like the question of "did it release yet?!"

What message do you have for your audience tuning into "MORTAL HABITS?"

For thoughts tuning in, I would only say, "ENJOY WHAT IS MORTAL."

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