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Bring out the Glass, Pour a Bottle of Champagne, and Get Ready for This Chill Release From Kafayé

Kafayé is a Caribbean based artist who fuses his Jamaican roots with the vibe and energy off of the streets of his hometown Toronto. Kafayé’s latest single “Cake” is a sugar-sweet song that was produced by The Accents. This record has an incredibly smooth chill-out feeling to us that also carries a flair of energy that makes us move out heads as we listen.

“Cake” has a subtle arousing sounding bounce to it that works if you want to blast it late at night with a glass of champaign or in the club. It’s got the mellowed out vibes, but also has the perfect amount of groove and bounce to it. This record features a gorgeous sounding electric piano that is full character, an explosive but kind of chilled lay back drum rhythm with some trap elements that is all about the groove, and then Kafayé’s eccentric vocal performance that really shows the dynamic of his voice. His voice in the chorus has got that soft little touch to it that makes you feel like you’re up in the clouds. It’s the perfect touch that completes the underlining smooth vibe of the record.

Listen to "Cake" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kafayé! We’re loving your latest single “Cake”! It’s got the right about of vibe and groove in all of the instrumental and vocal! What was the production process like between you and “The Accents”? How did you meet? I met the accents at a studio I frequent, but we started making music together cause my friend Noiir kept saying how easy and fun it was to work with them. They sent me some instrumentals and I wrote and recorded some demos, but when we finally got in the studio together, we were having too much fun and made some new songs from scratch, including cake. The flair of Jamaican and Toronto fusion has got a bit of that spicy Toronto vibe! What had inspired you to fuse the two styles together? What about the sound of Toronto do you try to mix in? The fusion of styles just happened. I grew up partly in the Caribbean and sang Jazz & Reggae covers, but the influence of HipHop & Dancehall was everywhere as a teen. Toronto has a dark and somber sound, probably cause we’re tired of long winters, I think that naturally occurred in my sound with influence from artists like Drake, The Weekend, & Savannah Ré. Your lyrics have an incredible chill flow to them, what had inspired the songwriting? What kind of personal connection do you have with your lyrics? I write a lot of music about women, probably cause I’m single and Toronto woman are diverse and beautiful. A lot of my music is chill, but sometimes I wanna rage on stage so that’s why I enjoy working with the group No Tourists. Not all my songs are written from personal experience, sometimes I write about the things I see and hear. The vocal tone of “Cake” has a super sweet and modern sound to it. Was this something that was part of the songwriting? How were the vocals produced for this song and how did you come to the end sound? I usually start a song off by making sounds, humming melodies, trying to imagine what the story of the instrumental is. The Accents liked some of the melodies and words that were coming out, so I honed in on those vibes and wrote the track. All the vocals on the track are from that first session, it was written, produced and recorded, in maybe 2-3 hours.



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