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Bringing Island Vibes To LA, Perry & Danielle's Latest “Young Days”

Perry & Danielle is a two-piece pop group from Honolulu, Hawaii. Lead vocals/keyboarding coming from Danielle Oda and vocalist/drumming from Perry Sekigawa and together they make a dynamic duo in the music they create. Drawing from personal experiences and turning them into a song which giving a sound that contains smooth piano based instrumentals and soulful melodies. Creating their own twist on pop-alternative-soul! After receiving so much support and encouragement in August 2013, they decided to take a leap of faith and move to Los Angeles in May 2014. Since moving, Perry & Danielle have performed at numerous venues and were also finalists in the Kollaboration Los Angeles. Sharing with us today a song off of their latest EP, “Young Days”.

We immediately get the Hawaii island vibes from this song. There is something so ‘fun in the sun coasting along the beach’ about this song. It really is a carefree song and Danielle’s vocals are so sweet and innocent and she has really nice vocal runs. There is a natural pure sound within this song. And both vocalists work so well together. There is a beautiful balance with this duo. And a sound that is created all their own. I cannot help but to keep this track on repeat because it is so catchy.

Listen to "Young Days" here, and learn more about Perry & Danielle in our interview below!

Hey there! Would you two mind introducing yourselves?

My name is Danielle Oda - lead vocalist/keyboardist and I'm Perry Sekigawa - vocalist/drummer, and we are Perry & Danielle.  

How was the transition from creating music in Hawaii to Los Angeles?

The writing process for us is not that much different. The only difference is what we write about - living in Los Angeles in contrast to Hawaii life. - Danielle

What influenced your song “Young Days”?

“Young Days” was influenced by one of my favorite memories I had from Hawaii. My friends and I were driving back home from the north shore during sunset on a windy road through the mountains. As the song “Boston” by Augustana came on, we all sang along loudly - the setting was perfect. This memory contrasted against the Los Angeles lifestyle I was experiencing from the move. This made me feel nostalgic. - Danielle

Can you tell us a bit about your writing style and process?

We are inspired by artists such as Sara Bareilles, Tori Kelly, Paramore, and Imagine Dragons. We pair strong, but smooth vocal melodies with percussive elements. Our writing process begins with Danielle coming up with the lyrics and vocal melodies. I help with the arrangements and we both come up with the instrumentation. - Perry

What are some goals that you two plan to accomplish musically within the next few years?

Our goal right now is to get our album All The Stars out to as many people as possible. - Perry

Where can our listeners keep up with your music?

They can check out our website:, or use the links below!



Connect with Perry & Danielle:


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