Bristol Band The Rupees Release New Single "Terror Love" And It's A Masterpiece

The Rupees, a garage rock band from Bristol, has this distinctive and unique sound which is a wall of snarling vocals, atmosphere defining synthesizers, grizzly guitars and thunderous rock grooves that culminates into nuclear mutation of Kasabian, The Black Keys and The Clash. The songs are an enticing soup of curt attitudes, titanic choruses and driving upbeat energy!

The release of their new single “Terror Lover” begins with a funky and magnetic instrumental that draws you in at instance. The multi-colored single is possessive with holding you trapped inside the cynical attitude it creates. With addicting, idiosyncratic vocals and the classic fascinating enthusiasm that most legendary songs back in the age of time were equipped with, fabricates a special quality about this single that will hold its timeless effect on individuals! The repeat of “Terror Lover, she’s gonna make you sweat. Terror lover lover lover.” holds that indelible tune that can be embedded in our musical memory where you will catch yourself singing the hook everywhere you go! Even while not listening to the song. It’s a jam-packed party within a 3 minute and 2 seconds time span you will want to redo it all over again!

Listen to "Terror Love" here and get to know the band below in our exclusive interview!

Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

We are called The Rupees, we play guitar and synth driven music, it’s raw, rocky and honest but pretty catchy, apparently.

How did you guys meet? How did the idea of forming a band come together?

Couple of us met at Uni couple of us met at parties, was about 4 years ago. Was funny really, I used to give Jake, our keys player,  a lift to uni and mentioned I was starting a band, had no intention of asking him to join at the time, he kept casually mentioning to me that he could play piano which I often ignored, then one day after around the 6th time of this casual piano name dropping I had enough and  just said 'ok you can join but you need to buy a synth', which he did quite quickly which was amazing, best decision ever. Seamus, our drummer I met at a party, both massively wasted, was a miracle I got his number right. I text him the next day arranged to meet him for a practice with our other guitarist at the time. With a name like Seamus Daley Dee I swore blind he was Irish and my hazy memory told me he was around 6ft, turns out we has about 5 foot 5 and had the thickest Leeds accent you could wish to hear.

Do you guys have any pre-performance tradition/ritual that helps you guys prepare and execute perfectly?

No not really, we have a team huddle thing and try and say something inspirational to each other but we just end up giggling and realise how silly we look. We practise a lot so we don’t really need to say much we all know what we need to do.

What stands you apart from other rock bands?

That we are us, we are not trying to be like anyone else or look like anyone else. The tunes I write come out as the tunes I write and when I bring it to the band they do the same, I don’t think there are any bands that have a big synth sound which is accompanied by a big guitar sound, it gives us this messy punkish, rockfish, popish sound and people say my vocals are quite unusual so with all that going on we’re pretty unique I think. Our songs are honest but people still dance to it, I don’t think there are many bands that do that without sounding polished or shit, take the 1975 for instance they try and act authentic but they are just a bit shitty and fake.

If you guys analogically compare yourself to any animal what would it be and why?

The honey badger, they are the underdog so to speak but always bring the fight, they are pretty ugly too with a questionable haircut.

How has it been creating music together as a collective? Any challenges?

Na not really, I write the tunes, bring it to the band and we finish  it off together, it works really well, everyone gets their say it is all good. Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating watching a tune go in a different direction that first anticipated, sometimes that is good though, it is really plain sailing though tbh.

What’s your personal favourite attribute of “Terror Lover”?

It’s raw but still makes you want to dance to it, the guitars are raw, the synth kinda laser beams into your brain and the chorus is just pretty big, realised that is quite a few bits. One favourite would be the intro, kicks in well.

Are you releasing any video to the song anytime soon?

Yes we have a video coming out this week actually, Weds 5th December. It is amazing, mainly because we only feature for the last quarter, but it is all based on a balloon trying to get a party, think Blurs coffee and tv but on acid, lots of acid, and some clowns and some homeless balloons, and a balloon love story, basically lots of balloons on acid.

Any big plans for 2019?

We have another 3 tunes to come out in the next 8 months and are recording in Feb, another 3 tunes. Lots of gigs and lots of festivals in the summer, we just sold out a few shows so will be looking for more of that. 

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