British Rapper Hatter Releases Dance Banger “Cold Again”

Hatter is a British hip hop artist who has recently linked up with a new Brighton-based producer named Husky in search of a new sound. Hatter has already released two singles called “Light Bulb” and “03” which were recognized by British GQ and BBC Radio 1Xtra. In his newest release “Cold Again” Hatter pushes the boundaries to create something new for his fans. With “Cold Again”, Hatter jumps right into an intense hip hop rap. He makes the song seem powerful as he bellows the lyrics with his deep voice.

Along with his producer Husky’s trap beat with 808s, “Cold Again” has catchy hooks created both by electronic sounds and vocals. Hatter displays his English accent when he raps his verses, giving his voice a unique and alluring tone. Hatter aims to mimic his current mood when he creates his music. During the creative process of “Cold Again”, Hatter was in a good mood with his crew in the studio, yet he felt slightly introverted. “Cold Again” was created to be a dance banger while still maintaining its substance. Hatterincluded the lyrics “stop smoking blem” because of a memo from his producer “stop smoking blem in the studio.” This shows how Hatter attempts to emulate the current moment in his songs. With “Cold Again” Hatter was able to create a hip hop dance song while still representing his authenticity.

You can find "Cold Again" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Hatter! “Cold Again” has catchy and upbeat energy! Could you tell us about the message behind your lyrics in “Cold Again?”

‘Out with the bros again, couldn’t stay home again, out in the cold again, stressed so I can’t stop smoking blem, Long time I ain’t been home by ten, obstacles jump over them....’ Blem is what we call Cigarette in England. I guess the message is dealing with what you got going on and making the best out of bad situations, sometimes you just gotta let off some steam and come back with a new perspective. It’s not that deep most of the time. The verses are kinda introspective, touching on my past, some straight bragging as well - it’s rap init, some politics. I think if you listen to the lyrics you’ll know more about me as a person. 

You told us that your songs usually reflect your mood at the time of creation. Can you elaborate on how your mood affects your music style?

I wrote Cold Again in a kinda stressful but fun time, I’d been out a lot, but also working hard in the studio till late and the lyrics just naturally came to reflect that mood. Like I’m running on empty at the moment, but it’s calm cos it’s lit. I touch on transitioning between different lifestyles as well ‘Candles burning till it’s late, tryna earn in different ways and make that journey to the stage’. Mood dictates my subject matter without me even realizing it most of the time. That’s why I always prefer to record and write in the same session so it doesn’t lose the original vibe I had. Music/bars is like a diary you listen or read back and you’re like oh yeah I remember then I was going through some sh*t.

You recently teamed up with your new producer Husky for “Cold Again.” How has he helped your music evolve compared to your first two singles?

Husky usually a Hard Trap producer and it just so happens that my last two releases were quite relaxed. I can do the hard stuff too. I think we met in the middle style-wise and it comes out nice. Husky defo gassed me to F with autotune properly for the first time tho.

You gave us an example of how you derived some lyrics to “Cold Again” through a message from Husky. Can you tell us more about your writing process? Did you often change and add new lyrics?

Haha yeah. Originally I just recorded the first verse it was around Christmas time and there a was little party going on in the building I got a studio in. Husky end up playing me some beats in my studio and I wrote the verse on the spot and we captured a little vibe. When he sent the file back it had something about ‘stop smoking blem in the studio’ in the name. I feel like that that kinda image suited the vibe of the song, from there I just sang with that phrase until I had a hook in my head. Never even wrote it down just recorded it straight away. My writing process usually starts with just phrases and ideas coming into my head, then I’ll mess around with it in my head for a bit. Then I’ll sit down and write it. I don’t change lyrics or re-record unless I really feel like I need to, sometimes I think you can over-think it and lose the original vibe you had when you first recorded.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

More solo singles. A project from myself and a rapper/singer called Ceezlin. If you want to hear what it’s like when to get together check out ‘03’. Frass Boiizz.

Before the whole lockdown situation, I went on a writing retreat with a group called ALL INC. Its a collective made up of lesser-known artists like myself, combined with some bigger names like Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and The Purist, etc. The majority of us are friends already so it made the music natural. You can expect to hear some singles from that project soon.

Finally, I’m gonna drop a Solo Project with Producer/Day one bro Saffa Ghorishi. That’s called ‘Beggars in the Palace. It’s gonna be serious, looking forward to having that out there to represent me as an artist properly. Shouts to Hear No Evil management for helping me execute my vision for this year. Everyone stay safe.