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Broken Keys Looks Back at His Hypnotic Soundings

Remember producer Broken Keys? He's back with the release of his track "Caught Out in the Rain", one of 10 tracks off of his album "Distant Mood". The track features a serene and calming atmosphere, with a subtle integration of Broken Keys vocals. The tempo is sensual and mysterious. That club-like feel without any of the energy behind it. Without that fast-paced energy, we receive such refined elegance. "Caught Out in the Rain" blends all melodies in a complementary way, to fulfill a clean listening experience. The track features synths that will make you feel hypnotized, requiring your full and undivided attention as a listener. We're drawn in completely by the sound of Broken Keys!

"Caught Out in the Rain" is the type of track you want to listen to on a night where you're winding down, and attempting to establish a calm aura. Broken Keys is good at that with his listeners, ensuring that there's a specific ambiance set with each track he releases. Each ambiance tying in with one another and establishing a surplus of experiences for each listener. It's a quality artistic ability he's able to grasp with his productional stylings. We expect that a lot of Broken Keys inspiration stems from his travels to all sorts of cities, and the time he's spent within each. Performing for over 10 years, the knowledge Broken Keys has applied to his sound has been incredibly notable and perceivable. All in all, "Distant Mood" was a successful album release that 2019 saw from Broken Keys, and we're hoping 2020 sees the same kind of energy from Broken Keys artistically!

Listen to Broken Keys here!

Hello, Broken Keys! We're so excited to feature your music on BuzzMusic, as many of us are fans of "Distant Mood"! The album featured such eclectic elements. The final product stimulated all kinds of senses, opening up our musical mind for sure. How did you go about the decision-making for the distinguishable production of "Distant Mood"?

Thanks for the kind words! Aside from recording with Ableton, the album was created using all analog gear. I used a microKORG, a Yamaha PSR-220, a guitar and various percussion instruments. I started the first few songs with that method and decided to continue in that direction for the remainder of the process.

Where did you hope your music would take off to with the release of your album "Distant Mood"? How did you hope to connect with listeners for this particular release?

When I was creating the album I felt like I was curating a certain energy with this collection of songs and I was just hoping that there were people out there that would feel that same energy.

"Caught Out in the Rain" was filled with so many delicate and intricate soundings. We always feel like there has to be an insane amount of methodical shaping towards the refined sound we end up hearing as listeners. Can you walk us through this process of your music?

To be honest, some of my favorite songs I’ve made are the ones that came the easiest to me. “Caught Out in the Rain” “Falling Down” “Endless River” and “Distant Mood” (the title track) were the first ones I made for the album and they were all done in 2 nights, written and recorded. I would start by writing the keyboard chords, then I would add the drums, guitar, bass and vocals along with a few synth arpeggios to add what I felt was a hypnotic element that tied the songs together.

As a multi-instrumentalist, do you find it easier to sense the collection of sounds and how a vision would execute before actually producing? 

It varies. There are definitely times when I get an idea and I can compartmentalize things in my head to come up with how certain sounds can work together, but I also really enjoy just starting with a blank canvas and creating on the spot.

How do you feel that you've transcended your sound in 2019, compared to the year before? 

I was primarily producing instrumental music up until this year so I am really looking forward to evolving this sound and exploring more singing and live instrumentation!

We love talking with you about your sound! We hope to see you back in early 2020 with new music, Broken Keys! Where is your artistry headed now--same path or divergent from what we saw in 2019?

Thanks! I will definitely be following Distant Mood up with more music in that same direction but I have also been working on a few different sounding projects and collaborations as well!



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