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"Broken Mirror," Mastermind Alex Silver Collaborates with Vocalist, Kaylee Ameri on Profound Single

From New York to Los Angeles, producer, Alex Silver delivers his latest single, “Broken Mirror,” in collaboration with vocalist Kaylee Ameri.

As a multi-talented producer of Hip-hop and R&B beats, Silver relocated to Los Angeles to live out his goals, aspirations, and dreams in the music industry.

No label. No manager. Just himself as the creative and driven mastermind to create and produce content that redefines the world through various mediums.

As one to incorporate his life experiences as influential craters in his work, he completes his projects in order to fulfill his soul and creative ambitions. “

Broken Mirror,” opens with a dystopian ambiance that unites with the deep harmonious elements of vocals from artist Kaylee Ameri. Singing powerful lyrics of not wanting it to be over, Ameri strikes our ears in the most satisfying manner. This song showcases her vocal scale with an empowering presence.

As crucial as the instrumentation and production are in setting the tone for this record, it falls into our minds effortlessly with Alex Silver blowing it out of the water.

The composition of the instrumentation balances the bodacious vocals presented on this track giving us plenty of time to reflect and take at the moment on the warm melodious harmonies throughout the chorus that are gradually introduced to us over the striking resonance of vocals singing the hard-hitting lyrics.

We are already so excited to hear what Alex Silver has in store for us next. He has us going through his music catalog and picking our favorites for every occasion.

Listen to "Broken Mirror" here.

Congratulations on the release of “Broken Mirror.” Could you please tell us how you and Kaylee Ameri brought this collaboration to life?

I was honored to have met Kaylee & develop a relationship with. She's incredibly talented, so it was a huge blessing to get her to work on a few songs with me for my debut Album. 'Broken Mirror' was the lead single off the project. She is Based In New Jersey & therefore we worked on the song from a distance. Once I had produced the beat, I instantly knew Kaylee would compliment it perfectly. I told what I wanted to call the song and she wrote the lyrics, recorded vocals to send back over to me for the mix and master. The rest is history!

What is your largest non-musical inspiration that you bring into your music?

I try to channel the past experiences and the pain I've been through in order to find a release and outlet. I try my best to make sure my music makes you feel something.

What message do you want to get across to your listeners with your song "Broken Mirror"?

Balance is everything. When your reflection isn't there the Mirror is broken. Without your other half, you lose air to breathe. 

How has your unique sound come to be what it is today?

I love to listen to music from different parts of the world and incorporate it into my music. I have a lot of different influences that impact my production. I have tried my best to create a unique sound that stands out and is my own. I like to mix things that shouldn't be mixed together and try things that people don't usually think of. I do everything I can to create the visceral feeling you can embody with your entire being and understand a piece of me.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you, Alex?

During the quarantine, I've been working on a lot of new music. I am anticipating to release of 11 new singles. A song a week for 11 weeks. Following I will drop my 4th album 'Infinity' which is undoubtedly my best project to date.



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