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Bronco Redahan Parts Ways With Pain In A New Single, “High Time”

From Southern Alabama to Nashville, singer-songwriter and recording artist Bronco Redahan says enough is enough in a smooth new single titled "High Time."

Having grown up in a small town in Southern Alabama, Bronco Redahan's love for music has been coursing through his veins since hearing Joe Diffie at a young age. Since then, he's been chasing his dream of writing and releasing music that makes a difference, songs that tell his story and help Bronco Redahan solidify his spot in the contemporary music scene.

Keeping his storytelling spirit alive is Bronco Redahan's latest single, "High Time." The Nashville recording artist uses this song as a way to cope. More specifically, he breaks down the ending of a relationship that's been done for quite a while. Still, he knows it's time to finally let go and make peace with the outcome - something many listeners can relate to (myself included).

"High Time" smoothly opens with Bronco Redahan's lush guitar licks and a slight country backbone feel. As he begins pouring his emotion-packed vocals through the speakers, Redahan expresses the state of a worn-out relationship that seems impossible to escape. But, for the sake of his well-being — and his ex's — he says enough is enough. It's "High Time" that this turbulent relationship ends.

The song is stimulating - everything from the subtle Bruce Springsteen storytelling edge to the soft rock meets country instrumentals make it irresistible.

The soothing melodies paired with Bronco Redahan's honest, relatable lyrics offer quite the cathartic listening experience, perfect for your heartbreak playlist or whenever you're craving a genuinely impactful song that hits in all the feels.

If you're looking for a song that serenades the mind, body, and soul, look no further than Bronco Redahan's latest single, "High Time," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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