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Brook Carries a Rich Artistic Style and Connection to God in Her Newest Single, “Steady As You"

As an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter and worship leader, Brook feels her personal relationship and connection with God in each hope-filled track she releases. Her artistic style exhibits a rich and moody sound that relates directly to her life.

After finding herself without her grandmother, her job, and her marriage after a particularly hard year, Brook was brought with the reminder that no matter the immense chaos within her life she wouldn’t be able to do it alone and will always feel the support of god inviting her in close. “Steady as you” showcases light vocals that are filled with an emotional and personally connecting vocal vibrato.

As the piano chords expand in the background, listeners will feel a growing motivation and meaningful connection to another they can rely upon, whether that be God or another individual. “Steady as you” is autumn that accompanies the growing process associated with moving forward from hard times.

Brook explains how this single was a vital part of her grieving process where she was able to feel the support of god and his consistency of care that brought many emotional lyrics upon her.

Brook is an artist filled with soul and heartfelt emotion and we can not wait to see her continue to grow as a result of this track!

You mentioned the difficult situations you encountered that lead you to produce this single, how do you think having a personal influence impacted the musicality within this track?

Hello! So honored to join you guys, thank you for having me. Yeah, this was the hardest year of my life. Obviously for a lot of the world too. My husband filed for divorce less than two years into our marriage & later on in the year, My grandmother, who was my second mom, passed away. I think for a large part of 2020 I was grieving. I wanted this song to have a mourning aspect to it-to reflect what I lost. This is why I incorporated the strings and slowed down the tempo. But I wanted it to also embody the hope and vigor I found from fully living out of faith and leaning into the unknown which I tried to communicate through the beat of the chorus and the build of the bridge. The piano was the only instrument that felt right leading the way on this song, but the strings really became the star for me. They can rejoice and mourn beautifully.

Your vocals are truly mesmerizing and filled with emotion, what is your musical background and history?

Thank you! Most of my vocal training comes from professional theatre and leading worship for years. I’ve been singing since before I could talk and be in and out of lessons for years, but I really feel like only recently have I found the style and sound that best fits my voice.

Do you have any specific artists or vocal groups that you draw influence from when creating your tracks?

Yes, so many. I looooove Falcon, carobae, Maggie Rogers, Maverick City music, DOE, Johnnyswim, Steffany Gretzinger, H.E.R. the list goes on and on and on. I love raw and vulnerable lyrics, a moody musical tone, and a rich full sound that can cut across several genres.

What are your next steps to grow from “Steady as You”?

The next step is to release another single this spring and to keep building my IG page @_themorelife where I began this journey of sharing candidly what I’ve been learning through these difficult circumstances and in my counseling master’s program. Ideally, I want to build my listening audience outside of the Christian sphere as well and become more of a crossover artist.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Music for me is a way to heal and process. Right now, I’m writing like crazy and so excited to get back into the studio. I’ll be sharing some unreleased music I wrote a while back on my YouTube channel (brook music) soon as well as lyrics I’m workshopping over on my Instagram. I love the collaborative and contributive process of music, so I’m always ready to share glimpses even if they’re unpolished.

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